My Pop Culture Quest

Benjamin Jensen, Columnist

I’m not the typical person who watches television shows, or movies. Because of that, I have missed out on watching famous movies or shows that have been around for decades. My father suggested to me that I should go on a “pop culture quest” so that I have the opportunity to experience the famous movies that I have yet to see or missed out on. At first, I thought that I was going to lay on the couch for two hours everyday and watch a boring movie. However, the movies that I sat down to watch were incredible. In fact, I want to encourage people my age to watch movies like these.

The Thing (1982 Version)

When I watched The Thing, I thought that it was going to be a typical horror movie littered with jump scares at every scene; like every modern horror movie. However, I was greeted with well made characters, a fantastic story, twists and turns, and a great ending! The movie is not as scary as I thought it would be. Despite the gore featured in the movie, It’s still a great movie to sit down and watch and try to figure out who is the “thing”. The story is about an Antarctic Research team that discovers an alien parasite that can take the form of anyone or anything. The scientists then have to figure out who is “the thing.”


Robocop (1987 Version)

Robocop is not your typical action movie. It’s a story about a cop that was killed in action and was then made into a robot to fight crime in the Detroit area. Keen eye views can also spot many things that give a prediction of what the future would look like, either if it’s an ad about a Global Nuclear Warfare board game, or a commercial about a new sunscreen that helps skin after the loss of earth’s ozone layer. More and more dark themes are presented throughout the movie and highlight the dystopian society the movie takes place in. The movie is an action packed thriller and is perfect for any audience! (If your parents let you watch it, that is…)

Beverly Hills Cop (1984 Version)

Another Cop movie that might spike your interest is an Eddie Murphy movie, Beverly Hills Cop. A story about a cop from Detriot attempts to solve a murder of his friend in Beverly Hills. He teams up with the Beverly Hills police department to uncover a mystery. This movie is hilarious and amazing to watch! Eddie Murphy dominates this movie with improvised acting and funny moments. This is a great movie to watch anytime while on your couch doing absolutely nothing.



Have you ever watched a movie where one star actor plays two characters? Have you ever seen a movie so funny, yet so creative? If not, Bowfinger is for you!  This PG-13 film is about an aspiring director wanting to make it into the big leagues in film. In order to make his film, he has to cast a star actor. However, the star rejects the movie. The director then follows around the star and captures random footage of his daily routine without him knowing. The way this movie is executed is very creative and hilarious to watch! This is a great movie to watch with your family and have a few laughs with.


The Blues Brothers 

This movie was my personal favorite to watch. This movie is about 2 brothers who play in a blues band trying to save their orphanage by paying $5,000 in taxes. They then try to get their old band back together. While they find their old band mates, they try to promote their band in hopes of someone hiring them. They get one big gig where they can get the money they need. On their way, they make both friends and foes with the people who follow on their journey. This movie is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen. I love the soundtrack and the music stars featured in the film, such as Aretha Franklin and Cab Calloway. With the funny scenes, and a well rounded story, this movie is perfect for the whole family to watch! 



Just because a movie is old, doesn’t mean that it’s bad or unenjoyable. Today, old movies are not appreciated as much as modern movies, especially by younger generations. In my opinion, the younger generations should appreciate the time and effort that were put into these classics. In fact, by watching these movies they’ll have something new to talk about with their parents who have seen movies like these in the theaters.