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The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School | Glendale, Arizona

The Ridge Review

The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School | Glendale, Arizona

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Yellow Formula 1 car racing

Bahrain Grand Prix: A Thrilling Start to the 2024 Season

Sophia Vaux, Journalist April 2, 2024

On Saturday, March 2nd, was the official beginning of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Hopes were high for teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari coming out of pre-season testing in Bahrain the week prior. Even teams such as Mercedes...

Jumbotron displaying march madness logo

1 in 9.2 Quintillion

A Short History of March Madness Brackets
Jenna Dudley, Editor in Chief April 2, 2024

In every year since 1939, excluding 2020, the champion of NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball has been determined by a bracket-style tournament that is set over three consecutive weekends. It has come to be known as March Madness, a time when fans can...

Eiffel Tower at night

Paris: Some Tourist Tips and Tricks

Ella Sutton, Journalist April 2, 2024

A year ago this time, me and my family were embarking on what would be my first trip out of the country to experience some European history. One of the two major cities I had the opportunity to visit was Paris. Of course, when booking we did what most...

Paddle and pickleballs on court

Pickleball Club at Mountain Ridge

Jenna Dudley, Editor in Chief March 21, 2024

Over the past several years pickleball has garnered massive attention in the media and has quickly become America’s fastest-growing sport. Millions of players have joined the game that combines elements from several other racquet sports like tennis,...

Three main characters in the forest

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians”; a TV review

Lorelai Atwell March 21, 2024

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians". This book series has been around since June 28th, 2005. Since then, many adaptations have been created, and many have failed miserably. The most well-known are the movies, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief," and...

Club Officers pose at festival

Second Annual ACAA Culture Festival

The Reason Behind the Success
Remi McKim, Journalist March 4, 2024

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when Mountain Ridge’s campus was bustling with activity. Guests were first welcomed by a booth, which handed out a ticket with areas to be stamped. At each booth, the student working it would stamp the ticket after a...

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Staff vs GPD Charity Basketball Game

Jenna Dudley, Editor in Chief October 11, 2023

On Friday, October 13th, the Mountain Ridge staff will be facing off in a charity basketball game against the Glendale Police Department. All donations and proceeds from the game will go to the AZ Special Olympics, whose goal is to raise $5,000 through...

Pride of the West at the Super Bowl Pregame

Pride of the West at the Super Bowl Pregame

Molly Bomar, Editor in Chief February 23, 2023

The Mountain Ridge Band performed with the Kansas City Chief cheerleaders and mascot on Saturday morning on the live broadcast of Fox and Friends at the State Farm Stadium.    “We formed different formations each time, like an arc or two...

National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society

Bhavana Vinodh, Contributing Journalist February 2, 2023

RR: What is the purpose of your club?   National Art Honor Society is a club for advanced art students that have taken at least three years of art courses.  The purpose of the club is to make connections with other serious art students, work...

Trading Card Club

Trading Card Club

Nicolas Lara, Contributing Journalist January 30, 2023

RR: What is the purpose of the club? To build community while playing card games like Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, etc.   RR: How do students join your club? Come to a meeting on Wednesday after school.   RR: What kind...

Educators Rising

Educators Rising

Madison Hsu, Contributing Journalist January 26, 2023

RR: What is the purpose of your club? The mission of Educators Rising is to bring awareness about the field of education to the community and to provide a path for high school students who may be interested in working in the education field in the...

Society of Female Scholars

Society of Female Scholars

Wade Gagliano, Contributing Journalist January 25, 2023

Some events that we plan to participate in is the EL Family Fair on February 4th where our members will be creating and operating carnival activities for families to enjoy. Moreover, on February 18th, our club plans to offer our service to St. Mary’s...