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Believing in Bowie

Believing in Bowie

Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief May 20, 2021

“How Davd Bowie and his music can help you believe in yourself and establish your identity.”    “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” - D.B.   David Bowie (1947-2016) was an English...



Kelsey Nahodil, Editor May 18, 2021

People will say that I am as competitive as it gets, which may be very true. Competitiveness has always been a part of me even when I was three. I love to win and put my best foot forward with everything.    Volleyball is the place that gets...

All Good Things Must End

All Good Things Must End

Devyn Marie, Editor May 18, 2021

I am a firm believer in the phenomenon that everything - the good, the bad and in-between - happens for a distinct reason. It’s a difficult reality, so we often want to curse the universe or greater powers-that-be for making us deal with what seem like...

A Ridge Reflection

A Ridge Reflection

Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief May 18, 2021

  ‘There’s never a moment lost when the best of us aren’t bound to time at all’. At least, that’s what a stranger said to me once; whether or not it’s the truth, I can’t really say.    What is true is that I’ve had...

“There is No News”

Benjamin Jensen, Columnist April 16, 2021

Has there ever been a day in history where there was simply no news? What was the most boring day in history? How do people report on no news? These questions have been asked all throughout history and believe it or not, all of these questions have been...

“Stop Crying Over A Plastic Potato, Please”

Devyn Marie, Lead Editor April 8, 2021

Cancel culture is, yet again, causing a wild frenzy in the media. As a 17-year-old high school student and a member of a rather controversial generation, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss my perspective and analyze some recent and popular misconceptions.    Let’s...

Giordano back in 2005

Margie Giordano: A Former Student

Caitlin Bailey, Columnist April 1, 2021

Sports culture is a dominating influence on our society today. Celebrity athletes are revered and idolized. One such athlete comes from Mountain Ridge, and her name is Margie Giordano.    Giordano started playing volleyball when she was...

Among the Apocalypse: April Fools Edition

Among the Apocalypse: April Fools Edition

Benjamin Jensen, Columnist April 1, 2021

We know about many points in history where the world almost ended. Either by nuclear war, or a natural disasters, but has there been a time where people have made April Fools jokes over the end of the world? There is no shortage of people having fun in...

Athlete Tim Tebow

Sports To Miracles; The Tim Tebow Story

Alexa McClain, Staff Writer April 1, 2021

You may know the former NFL player, Baseball player, and broadcaster Tim Tebow. He played college football for the University of Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007, and many championships following. As far as professional football goes for Tebow,...

Decline in Reading due to Teens Busy Schedules

Decline in Reading due to Teens Busy Schedules

Molly Bomar, Journalist April 1, 2021

High schools supply rigorous academic opportunities to assist teens in preparing for colleges, like dual-enrollment courses and Advanced Placement classes. Universities and families also encourage sports and involvement in clubs to enrich students’...

Our own staff writer Bella, who was born with a cleft lip.

Never be Afraid of Your ‘Deformities’

Aden Schulze-Miller, Editor in Chief March 26, 2021

I’d like to believe almost everyone has some sort of deformity; none of us are born perfect as our bodies are subject to many genetic and circumstantial factors as we develop in the womb.    From webbed hands, to a cleft lip and the more...

Some common high school books.

8 of Our High School English Class Novels Rated Worst to Best: A Ridge Review

Aden Schulze-Miller and Caitlin Bailey March 26, 2021

Whether  you’re a bookworm or can’t even stand to look at anything longer than Twitter’s 280 character limit, you’ll still have to read “classics” for your high school English classes. SparkNotes can give you a lot of impersonal information...

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