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The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School | Glendale, Arizona

The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School | Glendale, Arizona

The Ridge Review

The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School | Glendale, Arizona

The Ridge Review


“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” and So Do We, and So Should You! Here We Might Make You Laugh, Cry, Both; If Anything These Articles Are Sure to Brighten up Your Day

Yellow Formula 1 car racing

Bahrain Grand Prix: A Thrilling Start to the 2024 Season

Sophia Vaux, Journalist April 2, 2024

On Saturday, March 2nd, was the official beginning of the 2024 Formula 1 season, with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Hopes were high for teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari coming out of pre-season testing in Bahrain the week prior. Even teams such as Mercedes...

Eiffel Tower at night

Paris: Some Tourist Tips and Tricks

Ella Sutton, Journalist April 2, 2024

A year ago this time, me and my family were embarking on what would be my first trip out of the country to experience some European history. One of the two major cities I had the opportunity to visit was Paris. Of course, when booking we did what most...

Three main characters in the forest

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians”; a TV review

Lorelai Atwell March 21, 2024

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians". This book series has been around since June 28th, 2005. Since then, many adaptations have been created, and many have failed miserably. The most well-known are the movies, "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief," and...

Miyazaki smiles

Hayao Miyazaki: The Man Who Refuses to Retire

How Negative Traits Can Bring About Positive Feelings
Remi McKim, Journalist March 21, 2024

Hayao Miyazaki’s first full-length film was released in 1979, titled, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro. It contained a message of hope central to the story but was not technically a Ghibli movie that Miyazaki has become synonymous with. A Ghibli movie...

Green Day’s ‘Saviors’: A Delightful Return to Form

Tristan Johnson, Journalist March 4, 2024

   Few bands have been able to define a genre with their art. Green Day has been lucky enough to do it twice. The band’s smash hit albums ‘Dookie’ (1994) and ‘American Idiot’ (2004) played a major role in bringing punk music into the mainstream,...

Heart cutouts on pink background

7 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s With Your Friends

Samyuktha Ganti, Journalist February 21, 2024

Valentine's Day always has a lot of unnecessary stress around it. Everyone wants to have this fairytale perfect day with the person they love. But what about the friends you love? Your friends will be there for you no matter what the circumstance, and...

Artistic design of Wonka and song quote

“Wonka”; A Movie Review

Lorelai Atwell, Journalist February 21, 2024

Set in a whimsical town much similar to London, Paris, and Prague, the film "Wonka" begins with a boy, and a dream. Young Willy Wonka (Timothee Chalamet) wishes to follow his dream and own a chocolate shop in the town known best for its chocolate....

Masked Singers stand together

Masked Singer

What Teacher is Behind the Mask?
Remi McKim, Journalist February 5, 2024

At the winter assembly on January 26th, 2024, Ridge Student Government decided to do a different event for both faculty and students. Instead of a cookie-cutter assembly, they branched out and asked teachers to join for a Masked Singer event. Being STUGO...

A colorful snake

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”: a movie review

Lorelai Atwell December 13, 2023

"The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes," a book written by Suzanne Collins, was recently made into a film adaptation by Lionsgate. "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" takes place in the districts and capitol of Panem during the 10th annual Hunger Games. Lucy...

“Die Hard”: To Be or Not to Be a Christmas Movie

Remi McKim, Journalist December 13, 2023

As I wake up to darkness and the countdown to winter break is officially upon us all, the urge to revisit one of my favorite holiday movies returns. A movie that screams holiday cheer with bright lights, star actors, and lines so memorable your body...

A cheering crowd

Artists That Everyone Should Pay Attention To

Samyuktha Ganti, Journalist November 13, 2023

Although the classics like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are great, it’s really fun to branch out and listen to different artists that may not be as known. So here are a few awesome artists that can help you discover new genres and add some diversity...

Photo by Daniel J Schwarz on Unsplash

Fall into (the illusion of) Better Weather!

Ways to celebrate fall
Remi McKim, Journalist September 22, 2023

Starbucks released their fall line of drinks on August 24th. So while majority of temperatures are still in the three digits, Starbucks has declared it to be fall and who am I to question them? Here are a few easy ways to get into the autumn mindset...