What Does Your Backpack Say About You?

Cameron Lamb

The backpack. A great way to transport your books and get back problems, although not so much now though with the iPads, which get rid of a lot of the problems of having heavy books.
But what does your backpack say about you? Is someone who has a Vans bag less of a student than someone who has a Jansports bag? The social food chain is composed of many things including appearance so technically a backpack can fit into there.
I personally wear a Quicksilver bag which isn’t as popular with the kiddos as other bags but has served me well in the past year. It has successfully held my iPad and binder without breaking but the straps sometimes get caught in the swivel chairs wheels which takes five minutes to untangle and that puts me in a lot of pain especially when I have to get to lunch but I am too busy untangling a backpack strap!
People don’t only wear my type of bag however. There is also the famous Jansport bag everyone wears and the new Vans and Volcom bags which are all the most famous bags to buy at Tilly’s.
Let’s see what other people have to say about their bags. I interviewed everyone’s favorite junior, Bhupendra Chouhan. The type of backpack he wears is “Some sports one,”so he doesn’t care as much about his bag as others. When asked why he picked that bag, he said “It has unique patterns and colors.” Patterns and colors on a bag are very important especially when you want it to match with your clothes and shoes nicely.
Lastly when I asked if the bag affects his social status he said it makes him “popular and cool.”
It is a very logical decision to choose your bag based on how it makes you look, especially in high school where how you look is very important to the wearer.
The thing is, do people really care about what bag? I definitely didn’t until my Sophomore year and Bhup doesn’t really seem to care either!

Besides who would judge a poor kid on what backpack they wear? It’s hard enough to complete high school without having to worry about what shoes, shirts and pants for the days of the week.
Luckily, it seems like backpacks will be completely phased out soon with the use of iPads so we will just be carrying around one thing although we all know how slow the IPads are.
But we cannot deny that backpacks are an essential part of our school lives as they carry many things for us when we do not have enough hands to carry them ourselves, even if they do give us back pain.