Smile, Snap, Repeat


Gayathri Ramadurgum

Veronica Pramono is a freshman who attends Mountain Ridge High School. As a hobby, she does photography and makes money from it. It has been about a year since she started charging people who get their pictures taken by her, for each session. She got a camera for her 14th birthday, and in the beginning, she messed around with the settings to see how it worked. However, she became more interested in learning about the camera, so she started watching YouTube videos to learn and understand more about the camera settings, and how to work them.

She gets more requests from people based on the time of the year. If it is the time when seniors are about to graduate, more people book a session with her. When there are more major events happening, a more people want to get pictures taken. To book a session, people can DM her through her Instagram, or if they personally know her, they can email or call her. Veronica tries to work around her customer’s schedule, while also seeing when she is available as well, do the photo shoot. This hobby takes up a lot of her time. The photo shoot takes about an hour at the location the photo session is happening at, and it takes Veronica about an hour to edit each picture. It is a time consuming hobby, however she enjoys doing it.

“I really like doing this, even though it takes a lot of my time, whether I get paid or not,” Veronica stated.