Why It’s Important to Get Involved in High School


Kylee Wulf

It’s important to get involved in high school because you are able to meet more friends. In high school it’s important because most of the friends you meet are from joining sports and clubs. For me, I joined the best buddies club and I was able to meet all sorts of people.  I also stepped out of my comfort zone and met more people who I typically don’t hang out with on a day to day basis.

When you’re involved, it helps you figure out what you want to do in the future. This is important because in high school you are able to figure out what classes you want to take. You also are able to plan ahead now instead of waiting after high school is over. I honestly think it’s easier to plan now so when the time comes I’m ready.

If you get involved in high school, you could make the best of your high school experience. You only are in high school for four years and you don’t want to regret anything after high school. At ridge we have so many opportunities to make high school the best four years. So far, I love high school and I want to make it the best by joining clubs and sports that our school offers. Joining clubs help your High school experience because you are able to be yourself and make your environment better.

Getting involved in high school means you are able to go to the games, you can dress up, and go to dances. It’s important to get involved because its so much fun to go to the games and if you don’t it’s just kind of boring.  From my experience I love the football games. I love how we get to dress up for homecoming week. Every time I go to the games they are so much fun and we have an awesome student section.

When you are involved you build your resume for jobs and also colleges. This is important because when you go out for a job, they often ask you what you were a part of in high school. I know when I get a job I want my interview to be good so I can get a higher position. I also want to be able to get into a good college from being involved and colleges seeing my potential.  

In high school you build a relationship with almost everyone in the school. This is important because it’s honestly such a good feeling when you know so many people and you expand your friend group. You can especially build an awesome relationship with a teacher or teachers. It helps to have a good relationship because they can rely on you and trust you. From my experience I had a good relationship with one of my teachers in middle school and I was able to sit by my friends.

Overall getting involved in high school is so important you don’t want to waste four years of doing nothing, High school can be pretty fun as long as you are doing activities that you love.