All About DECA and the State Officer


Kenadee Van Horn

Sometimes seniors only worry about their grades or what college they are going to get accepted into, but Aditi Galande has different goals. As a DECA State Officer, she is a leader to over 6,000 Arizona DECA members.

As State Officers, our goal is to make sure all our members have fun while they learn and grow as a leader,” Said Galande.

Galande started out in marketing class as a freshman, and that’s how she found her way to DECA and immediately “fell in love” with it all. Now, she’s creating goals and leading DECA around the state.

Aditi became state officer by filling out the application, turning in transcripts, resumes, recommendation letters, and short answer questions. She started this long process in November of her junior year.

“The application gets approved by the Arizona Board of Education. Then early January, candidates are called to take a test and interview with the Board and the current state officers of that year. If we passed the test and pass both interviews, we move onto campaigning in February,” said Galande.

As a member of DECA, you get to travel together; this year they are going to Anaheim, California for the Western Leadership Conference, and get to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios. They will also be going to Orlando, Florida for the International Career and Development Conference.

This year, Galande is competing in Retail Merchandise at District Competition, along with Retail Merchandise and Business Growth Plan. To compete, she has to write a 20-page business plan.

“I competed in Business Growth Plan last year and it used to be 30 pages… I’m so glad they cut it down,” said Galande.

Preparing for Regionals and State means you need to do tests and role plays to help you get ready for the real competition. Galande prepares with Ridge DECA at competition practice after school. Good luck to all DECA members!