The Ridge Bagel Express


Kristi Nyhaug

This year the Transition School to Work program is starting up the Bagel express as a thank you and service for the teachers and staff. They are hoping that the students will get to learn entrepreneurial and work place skills.

Teachers and staff can order bagels with their chosen condiment for $1 every other Thursday in Aca Prep. All the students involved in this project are part of a Transition School to Work program and have their food-handler certification. They slice the bagels, warm them, wrap them, and deliver them to the teachers and staff.

“It benefits the teachers and staff by getting warm food, and it is a good opportunity for the students to learn work place skills, like tracking money and team work,” TSW Teacher Mrs. Coffee says.

The idea of starting the Bagel Express came from a brainstormed idea from TSW students last year that they wanted a campus-based activity to give students an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial and work place skills.

For Coffee, the best part of this is seeing the students deliver the bagels to the staff, even though it’s hard to manage with the time constraints of classes.

“It’s going well so far, the students are learning a lot of things. If teachers continue buying bagels, we will keep it up all through the school year. We are hoping to add to the concept and build upon it,” Coffee says.

The Bagel Express is successful so far, and Coffee encourages even more people to order bagels!