Mountain Ridge Student Stars in New Movie


Anna Goode

The indie film, Pocket Man and Cargo Boy, is came to theaters on October 12, with our very own Mountain Lion and theater lover, Jeremy Behie, as a lead actor.

Pocket Man and Cargo Boy is about a couple of kids who get sent to a special agency and have to defeat a mad scientist who is trying to develop a virus to wipe out the future human race.

This movie was directed by Clay Moffatt who has been wanting to make movies for a really long time. His love for directing started a while back, but in college, he had the idea to make it happen. He began looking for actors last year to film Pocket Man and Cargo Boy. The actors didn’t even know that the movie would end up being “such a big deal”. This movie is actually a three part series, Pocket Man and Cargo Boy being the first to come out.

Behie, a sophomore, had originally auditioned to play the part of Pocket Man, but the director could see that he had a personality closer to Cargo Boy.  Moffatt said he fits the sensitive nerd type more than the take charge main character.

Behie has been acting since he was about 5 years old. His mom, being one of his biggest supporters, made connections in order for him to achieve his dreams. He started acting on broadway shows and is an avid theater enthusiast.

“Just like the stereotypes in movies I used to point up at the tv and say ‘mommy mommy I wanna be in the movies’” Jeremy said.

Behie has such an infectious positive energy about him and cannot wait for this movie to be out in theaters. Although he was a bit nervous at first because teenagers can be quite cruel, he is overwhelmed with excitement and can’t wait for people to see all his hard work. He’s super stoked and says it feels unreal.

But, he has faced a little bit of teasing and other backlash for this project. However, this hasn’t changed his mood or feelings towards this movie much because he’s just looking forward to having one of his dreams come true.

“It’s something different and people are jealous,” Behie says.

Overall, this movie was not only an awesome experience, but is a serious achievement for all of those involved. Tickets are going quickly so it’s important to get them before they sell out at Harkin’s theater on October 12th.