MRHS Teacher (and Newspaper Adviser) Wins $5000 Grant


Chloe Merriweather

A few weeks ago, Mr. Korman received the luck we all wish to have, winning a grant for $5,000 to improve his classroom.

Every year the Fiesta Bowl gives out around two hundred grants for $5,000 to teachers who have applied for the grant all over Arizona.  This year over 4,000 teachers applied for grants. There were no limitations to who the teacher was, what subject they taught, and how they wanted to spend the grant.

“With this grant I could’ve applied for anything I wished to do to my classroom,” said Korman.

Mr. Korman has a very versatile teaching schedule including Yearbook and Newspaper, ELA and Graphic Design. He has a room filled with computers which is helpful in today’s age where everything revolves around technology, but Mr. Korman also has half a classroom adjacent to the main classroom filled with old computers that are rarely used. With the Fiesta Bowl grant Korman plans to transform the back room into a professional photo studio.

“I plan to get equipment such as professional lighting, and backdrops,” said Mr. Korman.

This photo studio will help Mr. Korman’s students in yearbook, newspaper, and even possibly graphic design enhance their photography skills by teaching them how to use studio lighting and take portrait shots.

“All teachers need to apply for this grant because it took me all of five minutes to fill out the application and I got $5,000 to use in my classroom,” said Korman

Thanks to Mrs. Moore informing Mountain Ridge’s staff of the grant, we have had two of our staff receive the grant two years in a row now, Mr. Korman and Mr. Singleton, who improved his robotics program with the grant.

This grant is extremely helpful to any teacher wanting to improve or expand their program or update supplies for their students. Hopefully, The Fiesta Bowl Grant will give more amazing opportunities for teachers in the future.