Sensory Room for Students With Special Needs

Sensory Room for Students With Special Needs

Kelsey Nahodil

A sensory room would be super beneficial for kids with special needs. Alexis Von Hatten is hoping she can make this a reality for these very deserving kids.

What started off as just a high school project in Mrs. Moya’s Future Teacher’s class ended up being a project that will be competing in a competition to help kids with special needs to get a sensory room dedicated to them.

Alexis has an idea to create a sensory room for kids with special needs. This sensory room would be in schools so the kids can go in there when they feel the need to. They would have a place to go and calm down when they feel nervous or just need to relax. They can bounce on balls or do something quiet without being disturbed by a classmate. This is an idea that can be put into place if Alexis obtains enough money at her competition so she can get the idea going.

“The district lacks a lot of funding for the kids who need something like this,” says Von Hatten.

When she competes in the Educators Rising leadership award next year on January 1st, she will be trying to get money for the sensory room. She is competing in this because she wants to help these kids in any way she can. Making it one step closer for them to feel more comfortable at school and making them be happy is what keeps Alexis motivated to work hard and dedicate time for her project.

“This is such a great cause no matter if it’s for competition or not. I know a lot of parents and students who have a lot of problems with special needs children. They are out in white rooms and it’s not useful for the kids… the sensory room will be able to help the kids focus and help them throughout the day,” Von Hatten says.

Alexis doesn’t want to take all the credit for this amazing idea. She wants to thank Mrs. Plogman for helping her figure out this amazing idea and also wants to thank her mom who was helping her with all the fundraising ideas. They are helping to make this amazing idea into a reality for these amazing kids who deserve this.

We wish her luck in preparing and raising money for this amazing idea.