Why Pickles Need to be Loved and Appreciated


Anna Goode

The pickle is a delicacy that should be treated as such. Not only do pickles vary in shape and size, they also vary in flavor. Sweet, spicy, salty, you name it; there’s a flavored pickle for it. They’re a healthy snack that are suddenly swarmed with hatred; hatred they don’t deserve.

Believe it or not, pickles actually have health benefits; the bacteria in pickles can actually help your tummy. Eating a pickle with a meal can boost the probiotic content of any meal you eat. How can you hate something that is good for you and delicious?

Not only are pickles the best snack choice but they’re adorable. Mt.Olive has these little pickle packs of sweet mini pickles that are my childhood. They’re so cute and great for kids! I used to bring whole pickle packs for lunch and just eat pickles straight up. Sweet and dill, because we don’t discriminate.

Pickles are considered a cucumber’s cooler cousin and that’s because they are awesome. They’re also an old favorite; Pickles date all the way back 2400 BC from Mesopotamia.

If people are turned off by the idea of a healthy snack, that’s not a problem either. The Arizona State Fair, and other notable fairs, offer deep fried pickles. No more excuses!

Even pickle haters aren’t quite sure why they hate pickles. Which is completely understandable seeing as though they’re amazing and there is absolutely no reason to hate them. Pickle haters should be ashamed of themselves.