Body Vision Fitness

Body Vision Fitness

Paula Bondeson

Body Vision Fitness is the perfect place for anybody looking for a high intensity workout in a fun, motivating atmosphere.

The trainer designs a one-hour cardio and muscle-strengthening workout for the 5-10 people in the group. The workout room is split up into 5 sections, each with a different focus. Workouts may include kickboxing, running, dumbbells, battle ropes, cable machines, and biking. The energy from everybody is very positive as people are constantly motivating each other and encouraging them to push their limits. Body Vision Fitness is a great place for people to establish a workout routine in their week.

The trainer is super outgoing and accommodating for people of all fitness levels. He will encourage each person to reach their maximum potential. The workouts are a fun way for people to get active.

Upbeat music plays to pump everybody up, Planet Earth is projected on a screen, and they have a smoothie bar for people to visit pre or post workout. Your first workout is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!


PHONE: 623-215-4035

EMAIL: [email protected]

LOCATION: 20028 N. 67TH AVE. #208, GLENDALE AZ 85308