Black Friday vs Cyber Monday


Chloe Merriweather

November holds three important dates, election day, veteran’s day, and Thanksgiving. WRONG! Those used to be what people focused on in November, but now everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. But with everyone being addicted to technology now, has Black Friday become less popular than Cyber Monday?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving…. well actually, retailers now advertise that they open the evening of Thanksgiving. Starting back in the 1950’s, the Christmas shopping season officially started with the biggest deals on Black Friday. In 2018, Black Friday can still be called the official start of the holiday shopping season, but what it is also known for is the literal door busting customers having store employees call the police on them for fighting other customers over the last Samsung smart TV.

Not into physically fighting to get the best prices on gifts for loved ones, or not satisfied with the deals from Black Friday? Just wait two days for shoppers to resort to Cyber Monday. In the days leading up to Cyber Monday retailers will warn customers that shipping will be backed up for days, or that their websites will be frozen due to so many people on it at the same time. Why Cyber Monday and not Cyber Saturday or Sunday? People tend to shop while they’re working at the office using high speed computers. Cyber Monday is expected to become bigger and even better each year with online businesses like Amazon creating their own “Black Friday in July.” To find out which day has the better deals let’s look at the statistics.

$5 billion, but on Cyber Monday 2017 the sales also hit a new record of $6.6 billion. The Sony 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV was originally $1,298, but on Amazon you’d save $801.99. The Amazon echo dot, which is normally $50 might be only $30 in a store, but online it is $35. The difference in price may just be whether you are willing to go out and buy the item or pay the $5 difference to stay at home and keep shopping. The natural thought would be that the tech savvy generation would be more interested into Cyber Monday, but a poll with high schoolers showed that 76% prefer going out on Black Friday and only 24% prefer Cyber Monday.

Will 2018 be the year where we see the dramatic switch between Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales? The biggest shopping days of the year are coming up soon, so keep an eye out for what deals will have you giving out the best presents.