How to Handle Stress and Studying During Finals Week


Kelsey Nahodil

It’s that time of the year again and finals are almost here. People are starting to stress, worry, and hope they do well on their tests. We may often find ourselves rushing around the night before studying and trying to cram as much information in our brain as possible. If you’re like me, this is normally how finals week goes.

During finals, people aren’t always the best at making sure to spread out their studying and not wait until the night before to study. You shouldn’t save all you’re studying for the night before and just hope that you can remember all the information. Studies show that studying every day will make it easier for you to remember things. Spread out your studying over a couple of days; take about 30 minutes every day for as many days as you want and look over your study guide or notes. This is an easy way to make sure you aren’t stressed and remember information. Spreading it out will allow you to focus on one topic for a longer period of time and focus on that specific topic, instead of worrying about all the topics in one night.

It is important to consider good studying habits; instead of just going over your notes, you should make flashcards, do practice tests, or write down all the information you can remember. By taking one topic and writing down everything you can remember, you will realize what you need to go over more. Making flashcards or completing practice tests will do the same thing by helping you focus on one subject more than the other. These study tips have proven successful among students.

You should also see if you can get help from teachers. It’s good to see if they have any tutoring sessions before the test, so you can ask them questions when you have them. Also, make sure to make an effort to actually try and care about doing well on the tests. If you try hard and work hard in class, teachers will try to find ways to help you prepare before the final. Making an effort shows them that you do care and teachers will do what they can to help you.

While you should study well before the test, make sure not to overwork yourself. Studying too much has shown to not be effective because trying to cram all that information in your head will cause you not to retain it as well. Taking breaks, though, allows you to go in with a clear mind and start studying again.

Even though finals are hard, we can try and find a way to avoid getting stressed out. Good luck with finals!