Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Friends


Kylee Wulf

The holidays are coming up and many of you need to figure out a gift to give to a friend. However, if you want to make it special and also not super costly, here are some inexpensive gift ideas to give a friend for the holidays.

One gift idea is to make a basket full of hot chocolate, a mug, a blanket, and a nice Christmas movie for a cold day at home. This is a perfect inexpensive gift idea because you are able to get these supplies at Walmart or Target and it’s great for a day of relaxation when your friend otherwise wouldn’t have anything to do.

A second inexpensive gift idea would be to make someone cookies. This is a perfect gift because who doesn’t love cookies? Plus, cookie supplies aren’t too costly and cookies always make people feel better. Also, it will mean more to your friend, knowing you put in the extra effort to bake for them.

You could also get someone a personalized necklace or bracelet. This is a great choice because you can buy good-quality bracelets or necklaces and get them personalized for cheap, and who wouldn’t want something that has your name or your friend’s name on it?

A final inexpensive gift idea would be memories in a jar. This may seem weird but trust me, whenever someone needs something to make them smile, they can pull a memory out of the jar. This is perfect and inexpensive because you can easily get a mason jar and write memories on a piece of paper.

The Holidays are coming up fast and inexpensive gifts are the easiest gifts to give this holiday season.