Special-Coded Genres to Watch on Netflix


Hezekiah Haynes

Have you ever experienced a time where Netflix has taken down a movie or TV show that you have watched, or there isn’t a specific genre that you are looking for? If this is a problem that you may have experienced, then Netflix has a secret way of unlocking those sequestered genres and shows.

Netflix users stumbled upon the codes Netflix uses to categorize their shows by genre. Although Netflix didn’t plan on advertising these, since they are out there (and not illegal) they are here for viewers to use.

In-order to get these types of genres and TV shows, you would have to use the codes that are given on various websites, such as Mirror and Telegraph. Here is a link to the Mirror site that has an exhaustive list to browse. You simply add the given code to the end of the URL, which for Werewolf Horror movies, will be www.netflix.com/browse/genre/75930. The genres include Anime, Children and family movies, Action and Adventure, Classic Movies, Comedies, Cult movies, Documentaries, and Dramas etc.

The Netflix codes are beneficial for this upcoming month, with winter break quickly approaching. The codes even offer a special-holiday category filled with genres that you and your friends and family might love. So, get your favorite holiday movies, TV shows, and genres on your Netflix account today.