The Salesman for Science


Emma Padelford

Over the years, Mr. Prey has obtained a very good reputation. He has taught for 26 years, and this is his 21st year at Mountain Ridge. Currently, he teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biology. What really seems to stand out about Mr. Prey is his ability to teach students in a variety of entertaining ways that make learning fun.

Prey’s Anatomy and Physiology (A&P), is a class that seems to be very popular by many students. In the class, students get to explore the different aspects of the human body through the use of strong lectures, entertaining interactions, experiments, dissections, and more.

“The great thing about it is that they’re learning about themselves the entire time,” states Prey. “So it’s everything about themselves, their body, the different body systems, what makes them the incredible creatures that they are.”

This class can be challenging at times. It isn’t an AP course like AP Biology or taught the same as a Bio160 class. Instead, it is a 16 week college course taught over the course of 38 weeks. Prey stated that in comparison to a junior and senior level class, the tests are a little bit more difficult which can cause some students to struggle. A&P is not an easy course. Not only does it involve the learning about the anatomy aspect of what makes our body up, but also the physiology part of how everything works together. But with strong study skills, a good work ethic, and the help of Mr. Prey, a student can be very successful in this challenging, but exciting class. Students state that Prey makes his class “more active and alive.”

“A day in anatomy is always busy and full of learning new information,” states Sai Konatam, a junior in A&P. “But Mr. Prey always finds a fun and interesting way to retain this information.”

Prey is also known for his incredible teaching strategies in which he states that he has picked up over his many years of experience. Prey revealed that he had always been a fan of learning, but has learned that not everyone has the same mindset. With that realization, he was able to pick things up from other teachers and from the way the students responded from his lessons.

“I hope to continually look for better ways to get the same point across. It’s like how you think about how much more efficient we are in so many aspects of life,” Prey states. “Teachers. We should be more efficient at getting information across and helping students learn too.”

One way Prey helps students learn is through the use of analogies and demonstrations. Prey noted that not everyone learns great from taking notes, which makes up a big part in the course, so he incorporates fun analogies and demonstrations that make you feel like it’s no longer only learning.

“I think Mr. Prey is really funny and fun. He also puts a lot of effort and thought behind his teaching and cares for every one of his students,” states Tarryn Villaponds, another junior in A&P.

Prey also stated that he, along with help from students over the years, has come up with many ways to teach a topic more efficiently to students who may struggle. Prey also incorporates animations, videos, and other internet sources into his lectures. Prey stated that he enjoys coming up with strategies of teaching because it challenges him and it allows him the freedom of creating.

“I realize that you can only listen to me so long. But you need to do something, you need to see something else, you need to hear it differently, you need to actually go experiment with it. And so it’s a matter of incorporating it,” stated Prey. “And so to me, it’s a challenge.  I look at myself as a salesman for science. Just like somebody might sell a car or pharmaceuticals, I look at myself as I’m selling science education.”

Prey stated that for the most part, he gets a lot of very motivated students who have the desire to work hard and learn. Prey loves it when his students have a hunger for knowledge. To him, it doesn’t matter if the student struggles in his class, as long as they have the desire to learn; Prey enjoys helping them out no matter what.

Konatam stated that her favorite aspect of the class is Prey’s stories because they always have a correlation to what they learn in class, which allows them to learn the information better and be better equipped for the test. Villaponds said that her favorite part of the class is the labs. She likes how they are fun and interactive and that they are always able to collaborate with others.

A&P can be a challenging class at times. With the variety of experiments, lectures, and assessments, it is a great class that will prepare you for taking college courses in the future. But with a strong desire to learn, Mr. Prey will always do his job to ensure that his students are getting the best out of his course.