Unknown Classes at Mountain Ridge


Kate Ourada

Mountain Ridge has an extensive array of classes its students have the opportunity to take. However, due to the number of classes and some of the ambiguous course titles, many students are unaware of what exactly those less common classes are.


Algebra Applications

  • A yearlong math course for Juniors and Seniors with a geometry prerequisite which features work in sequences and series, functions, complex and radical numbers, quadratic, rational, and exponential functions.


Financial Math

  • A semester class for Juniors and Seniors with prerequisites in Algebra Applications or Algebra 3-4, Financial Math focuses on the mathematics around real world finances, such as taxes, loans, budgeting, and investment.


Law in Society

  • Law in Society studies the American legal system, as well as modern issues surrounding it. It is a semester class for Juniors and Seniors for 0.5 credits



  • For those interested in the problems and habits of modern society, sociology is a semester course for Juniors and Seniors. It studies human interactions, including family, race relations, religion, law, and death.


Systematics 1-2

  • This elective emphasizes weight training using fixed and free weights, as well as endurance based aerobic activities. It’s open to all grades and is a year-long class.


Lifetime Sports

  • A fitness elective featuring croquet, speed walking, golf, Frisbee, and table tennis. It is offered to grades 10-12 as a semester course, but you must have completed your PE core class.


2-D portfolio preparation/ 3-D portfolio preparation

  • This is an advanced class for students who are working on a contracted and individualized basis to create and prepare art portfolios. This class is offered to upperclassmen and has dual enrollment opportunities.


Software Development

  • A CTE course for all grades introducing programming concepts and procedures through the use of several programming languages.


AP Human Geography

  • One of the few AP courses for all grades, students in AP Human Geography will study the patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of the Earth’s surface. Enrolled students are expected to take the AP exam in May.


Advanced Study Skills

  • A semester class open to all grades, this course seems to prepare students for academic success in the high school arena. It teaches study and organizational tools for those who may be struggling in those areas.


Education Professions

  • This year long CTE course for grades 10-12 prepares students interested in entering the field of education and have be opportunity to practice these skills through ongoing field experience at local elementary schools.


Intro to Digital Communications (Journalism)

  • Interested in writing for the school’s online newspaper or learning about what goes in to all aspects of journalism, including column and news writing, photography, and interviewing skills? Intro to Digital Communications offers a great year long CTE class open to all grades to do just that!


Intro to Animation

  • A yearlong CTE course open to all grades in which students study the fundamentals of art and animation through hands on experience.


Sports Psychology

  • This is a semester course for Sophomores through Seniors studying the psychological factors that affect an athlete’s performance. You will study motivation, concentration, confidence, anxiety, and relaxation, as well as learn skills to enhance performance and make athletic participation more enjoyable.


Color Guard

  • A yearlong class for all grades centered on mastering the 4 main skills of color guard: rifle, saber, dance, and flag. If you are interested in joining either the marching band’s color guard or winter guard, this is your class.


Stage Production

  • This year long course for grades 10-12 with the prerequisite of theater 1-2 teaches students the technical and men handicap aspects of theater.