MRHS Student receives Utah State Ambassador Scholarship


Kristi Nyhaug

On March 1st, MRHS student body president Dawson Field found out that he was accepted out of 750 applicants as an ambassador to Utah State University and will also be receiving a 4-year full ride scholarship.

Field says he was in shock when he found out, and was “excited to know that I didn’t have to pay tuition.”

Field’s role as an ambassador will be to help the university recruit students from out of state, and also give tours to students who visit the Utah State Campus.

According to Field, it was a very long progress, which he started on January 10th. He had to make a portfolio and write a couple of essays. When they cut down the applicant pool to only a  hundred, he says he had to then answer a few questions. Then, he had to give a presentation and do an online live interview until he was finally accepted as one of the 24 ambassadors in the program.

“I want to become a dentist, so I will need to major in a science like chemistry or biomedical science,” Field says. He wants to maintain good grades while still having a good time. He is hoping to go to a 4 year dental program after his undergrad.

This achievement has helped Field realize that if you put in the work, then you can achieve your goals. “I will be able to look back at this and realize how much work I put in to achieve this goal. It will help me work harder to achieve all my goals.”

Congratulations, Dawson!