Gifted Summer Camp


Kylee Wulf

This Year MRHS will be holding a Gifted Summer camp for the incoming freshmen but are also open to any Junior High and high School underclassmen this summer.


  1. How many kids are in these summer camps?

It changes from year to year! This summer will be the first time camp is open to incoming 9th graders, and we are excited to see more junior high and high school underclassmen get involved!


  1. How long are these summer camps?

They last for four full days during a week in June.


  1. What do the kids do in these camps? (Activities)

The sessions are all different! 1st-6th grade students this year will participate in building a lunar colony, Lego robotics, and brainy mindfulness. 7th-9th graders will participate in science exploration, spoken word poetry, and mindfulness and team building.


  1. When and where are the camps?

The two MRHS camps (divided by grade level) will be held June 10 – 13.


  1. How do you get into these camps?

DVUSD students and non-DVUSD students are welcome to attend; a report with gifted scores is required.  Achievement scores and report cards are not gifted identification.  Gifted identification requires a psychologist’s report or CogAT scores.  DVUSD Students: We will verify gifted identification for students who are enrolled in a DVUSD school after you enroll.  If your child is identified gifted and participates (or previously participated) in a gifted cluster, SAGE, or Renaissance, you are qualified to register now.  Non-DVUSD Students (homeschooled, charter, or private schools): Parents enrolling students who are not enrolled in a DVUSD school will need to provide gifted identification scores.  Send documentation to [email protected] for approval prior to enrolling in Gifted Rocks.


  1. How many years have we had these summer camps?

This is our first year hosting! However, Gifted Rocks! Camps have been held district-wide for several summers now.


  1. Does the summer camp cost money? If so how much?

The cost covers supply and teacher pay. It is $165 for the full week.


  1. How many people work at these summer camps?

A team of over 10 teachers and district specialists work together to put on the camps.


  1. How do these camps help kids?

Students work with gifted-endorsed teachers in authentic, real-life learning experiences. The camps are energetic, social, and engaging. They are also a great way to make friends, memories, and get to know the Ridge campus.