March Mayhem Powerlifting Championship


Josh Heinz

The March Mayhem Powerlifting Championship was held on March 9th, hosted by CrossFit Infinite Strength. Events included Bench, Squat, and Deadlift.

Two people that stood out were Jason Bowey, who set a state record and Tiffany Price, who took first place in her competition.

Jason Bowey, a freshman at Mountain Ridge High School, set a state record for deadlifting with a 430 pound deadlift. The person that set the record before him was Jonathan Lewis, with a 424 pound deadlift.

“It was amazing, like a dream come true,” Bowey said. “[The best part was] I got to set the record in front of my mom and friends, I definitely couldn’t have done it without them.”

Jason has been lifting for about a year, every day Monday through Friday with the help of his football coach, Paul Glonek. Jason hopes to be able to squat 405 and deadlift 450 by his next event, March Mayhem, next year and hopes to set another state record.

Tiffany Price, sophomore, won first place in her weight class for deadlifting with 190lbs and a squat with 180lbs. She would eventually like to reach 230lbs in both events by her next competition in March. Tiffany has been lifting for 1 year, and works out whenever possible.

“I would work out during lunch, before school, after school and I would put everything I had into it and I was very strict on what I ate,” Price said.

She will prepare for her next event in the same way, but she looks to watch what she will eat better. Tiffany’s next step would be entering physique competitions once she turns 18.