Freshman First Impressions


Kelsey Nahodil

Walking into a new school, with new people, harder classes, and tougher teachers will be a drastic change for most freshmen. They are used to knowing their way around campus, being the under class men, and being comfortable. But now they are faced with four exciting years of high school. Some freshmen will describe their first day as interesting, exciting, and mixed with a lot of other emotions. For some, the first day of school was great, but for others, it might not have been the best. A few freshmen, Ian Kahley,  Victoria Nielson, and Amber Cardinale have a few things to say about their experiences.


Kahley said he would describe his first day as “exciting;” he met a lot of new people along with new teachers and even some kids that weren’t in his grade. For others it might not have been the best day because of many difficulties throughout their day. Cardinale says she had a very hard time looking for her classes and was very nervous to meet new kids.


The first thing freshman said about their first day of school was about adjusting to a new campus. New campuses can be nerve racking since it’s a whole new scenery.


“There are a lot of new people that you don’t know and it’s much larger so it takes time to adjust to everything new,” Nielson says.


Nielson was one of many freshmen to say that the first day was nerve racking but exciting. Also freshmen don’t only have to adjust to the new scenery but many freshmen felt stressed on their first day.


Some of these students stated that it was stressful and difficult on the first day of school since they were nervous about not being able to find their classes. Freshmen have this mind set on the first day of school that they will not be able to find classes, make it around campus, and have older people at school.


Cardinale says, “it was stressful, from not knowing my classes” and Kahley exclaimed, “I was nervous to come to school but after the first hour I wasn’t nervous any longer.”


Not all freshman will say their first day was bad or stressful but for most, like Nielson, said, “It was probably one of the most stressful days.” But even though it may be a rocky start, freshman year will be filled with so many new and exciting things.