Celebrating Ms. Selby

Meet Mountain Ridge’s New Guard Director


Aileen Resendiz

Color guard is best known for its rifles, dancing, and colorful flags that accompany the marching band. With back-to-back 1st place titles, a dedicated team, and even one that made it to world championships this past winter season, Mountain Ridge’s color guard program is one to be proud of. Although the team was hard working, talented, and determined, their success is due equally to the past director, Cari Eng. However she’s stepped down from her position as Ridge’s guard director, and in her place, Ashley Selby has stepped up to the plate.


Selby has been teaching for 12 years, and has been involved in the color guard community for a total of 17. She’s marched as a member of almost 10 different color guards, from FeniX Independent World to ASU’s color guard, and more. She’s taught at many high schools and even at ASU, but Mountain Ridge has caught her attention.


“The previous success of the program has brought me to Mountain Ridge and the location. Mountain Ridge is about 5-10 minutes from where I live and work,” Selby said.


One of Selby’s main goals is to keep the program on track with its past success, and continue to build it up. Along her side she also has Adam Selby (Ashley Selby’s brother)  and Carissa Hobbs (assistant director), who are both very experienced themselves, and this expertise has been “…a great asset to the program.”


Although it can be difficult for a team to stay focused and motivated while adapting to a new director, there seems to be no pause in the program’s fast pace. The team has always been ambitious with a strong drive for perfection, and this is transferring directly into the new season.


“I am looking forward to working with the color guard members and attempting to push them to their full potential. This is something the previous color guard instructor has done very well with the color guard program,” Selby says. 


However, one thing that may change is Ridge’s overall style. Mountain Ridge has been known for being fast, and with more rifle-heavy shows. Selby’s focus is more on dance and sabre, which is a stark change for members of past seasons. The newly highlighted dance aspect of guard will help them tell the story of their current show, Out Of the Blue.


“It [Out of the Blue] is based on your life events in a day and how unexpected events might happen out of the blue throughout your day,” Selby states.


To see Out of the Blue, you can catch the band and guard’s next competition on October 5 at the Pescott Invitational at Prescott High School. Or if you’d rather get caught up in the whirlwind of rifles, dance, and artistry, auditions for the next winter season will be held this November. Selby’s first season with Ridge has been going well so far, and next winter season should be just as exciting. Make sure to support the color guard and Ashley Selby at football games and competitions!