A Gift for A Gift

How Do You Pick Out the Perfect Present?


With Christmas and other gift-giving occasions right around the corner, that age-old question is probably starting to pop up in the back of one’s mind: “Ok, soap or socks?” Well you know what I mean, it’s about the time when you are (probably) starting to think about getting gifts for friends and family.


I’d say that most people prefer not to complicate the holiday season, settling on something simple instead of overthinking the gifts that they’re gonna give out. Which is why I’ll reiterate myself; these gifts are often timeless necessities such as clothing or toiletries.


We can do better than that, though.


Of course, there’s no push to put much thought into one of your class’s gift exchange sessions; for the one-on-one though, it’s best to actually take a moment to put thought into what you’re going to give them. This line of thought is especially applicable if it’s close family and friends that we’re talking about (not to mention a significant other, one who may be particularly riddled with anticipation and potential judgment towards what you may or may not end up getting them.)


Yet, the best of us know that putting thought and effort into things can be stressful and confusing. A test or a quiz is one thing, picking out one’s outfit in the morning is another. A gift, however, can potentially have a profound effect on one’s life and how they view you. If that’s something that you care about (which it likely is, if that same person is someone who you also care about), you’re going to want to sacrifice time and patience into making the perfect gift.


I say “making” specifically, though that’s something I’ll note on momentarily. As of now I’d like to comment on my position; having spent years carefully crafting personalized gifts for the special individuals in my life, I believe that I’m qualified to offer some insight on how to brighten up a special someone’s face this holiday season. So, I’ll hurry along and give my two cents.


You’re definitely going to want to personalize any gifts that you end up giving. The thinking behind this being that even if your gift isn’t exactly at the point of quality which you would like it to be at, you can still offer your own personal sentiments, which when reflecting off of the relationship you share can make the present feel all that more heartfelt. I personally love manually writing out nice cards with drawings that reminisce on fond memories. Adding that touch of careful sweetness can make all the difference.


When it comes to the gift itself, know how much you’re willing to spend and then get what fits best while remaining in that price range. If money isn’t an issue, then the best possible thing you can do is get them something that as noted previously, reflects on the relationship that both you and the other person share.


If you’re close friends with someone, small queues in the things they say and their interests in life are what you should rely on for guidance in your decision making process. We’re humans with dreams and desires (those of which, in this case, hopefully lack deviancy); the best gifts are the ones which reflect on that, no matter how small they may be.


What I do want to say though, is that in the end, you have a relationship with this person for a reason. Hypothetically, you should be giving each other gifts back and forth every day. If that’s the case, when the holiday season comes around, just give them something that’ll remind them of the bond you share. You’re giving them a gift for gifts they give you.


This might sound a bit lovey-dovey and convoluted, but it’s a process that has always worked for me. I believe, wholeheartedly, that it can work for you too. So, perhaps take a chance and put a little extra love into your gifts this year. It’s that love and consideration which will perfect the present, trust me.