Blossoming Into Adulthood


“Adulthood is like the vet, and we’re all the dogs that were excited for the car ride until we realized where we’re going.” — Unknown


For many, becoming an adult is like going skydiving and forgetting your parachute. After being a child for 18 years, coming into the real world is difficult, as so it seems. Being a younger sibling of someone who is about to become an adult, I know that this new idea of college and money is all stress and anxiety.


Understanding that becoming an adult is a big responsibility is very important to be successful. There’s no more staying safe at home with your parents, and being immature in public with your siblings and friends. My sister and I play what seems to be the ultimate tag to my mom when we go shopping and now that she is leaving for college, she’ll have to grow up. No more playing with Barbies and Hot Wheels like we did so long ago. Is this expectation, or is it what society expects of adults?


I know as a fact my sister will never truly grow up. She does, however, get very stressed about financial needs, college, and moving out. She has worked very hard in the past four years to get those extra scholarships, and it has really paid off. The only problem is that she is very easily angered during these times. It’s in my best interest to leave her alone, and keep my annoying behavior away.


Responsibilities seem to come alive more and thrive when you are an adult. You can’t rely on your parents to give you gas money, and you have to learn to pay your own bills. So much stress is put on incoming adults. My sister can relate to that big time. She tries to save her money to make her future expenses a little bit easier than they would have been without doing that.


Reality truly hits these “fresh adults” when they need an adult’s help but realize they are the adult. What in the world are they going to do when they realize they actually have to order their own food in a restaurant instead of spitting out their order to their moms? And it’s going to be a game changer when they realize that it’s not socially acceptable to shoot people with Nerf guns because you are upset with them.


After coming face to face with the new life of an adult, I know that my sister can always come home to our couch fort, and we can pretend nothing ever changed. There does, however, come a point in time where you must realize that yes, you are an adult and that you have business to take care of, but you will always have the things that make you the happiest.


Just because someone is now living on their own does not mean they have to put their whole life into college and work. Although this is an important part in being successful, it isn’t the only part. I know my sister is going to do everything she can to be with her loved ones (that is if she remembers me). Developing those strong relationships that will last a lifetime will lead to more happiness and a more enjoyable life.


The point is, enjoy yourself. Whether you are going to be an adult or not, do your best in everything because it will benefit you in the future. No one is ever truly ready to face the responsibilities of an adult, but with patients, time, and determination, you can do anything life throws at you.