The Reality of Seeing Teachers Outside of School


Seeing teachers outside of school can initiate interesting situations for many students. If you happen to see your instructor in public, you may end up trying to dodge them in stores, hide under the dashboard of your car, or cover your face with the menu of your favorite restaurant; just to avoid an awkward interaction with them. Personally, I have been seeing teachers outside of school for a few years now, and honestly I am not phased by it like many are.


For the last year or two I have seen some teachers outside of school a lot. I have been coaching volleyball alongside my sister, mom, and a teacher from Ridge for a while. With two teachers, Mr. Devenney and Mr. Korman, from Ridge having kids on the team and one of them being one of my own teachers has been interesting ever since I started my high school year, two years ago. 

My teacher’s daughter being a part of the team makes us see each other every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It was interesting at first but now seeing these teachers outside of school has become a very common thing for me.


Getting teased by them is now the new norm, but when people find out that I see some teachers outside of school they make it seem like it’s very strange and I just don’t see how. I am asked the same questions over and over again, “is it strange?” or “ do you feel awkward?” I always come back with the same answer, no. 


Knowing teachers outside of school is honestly interesting especially when you hear your teacher say, “See you on Saturday,” for volleyball, while everyone just stands there and stares. 


During my freshman year, it was my first time having a parent from my sister’s team as my new high school teacher. At practice and games they are joking around and yelling at their kids when they do something wrong. Mr. Devenney, while coaching alongside my mom, is always telling his daughter to move her feet way more than the other girls. But I am the exact same way with my little sister. But having Mr. Korman grade me on my work, make sure I turn everything in on time, and make sure not to fail at anything was very interesting in my first years.


Many will say it’s weird but honestly it is probably one of the most interesting things; I have had the same teacher for the last two years, and now I have him a third time and his daughter has still been on the team with us for the entire time. In my mind it would be weird not having him as a teacher every day, but when I graduate from high school, it will feel weird not coaching volleyball and seeing the volleyball parent every day at school.