Why New Year Resolutions Are Dumb 


While most people set up goals they want to accomplish for themselves for the new year, many don’t go through with them. It doesn’t really make much sense to start new habits just because the date is changing. Now, these New Year’s resolutions have changed to something people just post about to make themselves look like something they aren’t. 


If real changes are needed for your health and wellbeing, you shouldn’t wait around for a new year to come just to change. New Year’s resolutions seem to be a broken promise made by people to make it seem like they have big improvements coming. Often people make the same goals each and every year and never accomplish them.


The first reason why these so called resolutions are dumb is because a lot of people wake up the day after being out partying and doing things they shouldn’t. Their mind is all over the place and probably don’t remember anything from the previous night.  This Isn’t really a good way to start off the year.


All those losing weight resolutions seem near impossible. It’s still holiday time and everyone knows there’s leftover food and candies lying around everywhere. Being able to stop eating everything in sight will be very hard for people to do, and exercising is even harder. The first couple weeks after New Year will have the gym packed, but give it a couple months and it’ll be empty. 


In addition, people change their mind all the time. They might want to do something one day and then it changes the next. Momentum changes so quickly, especially when you don’t see results as soon as you’d like to. 


Plus, harsh goals can make us lose track of how far we’ve come. When people pressure themselves to get certain things done or change, they don’t realize how much progress they’ve made. 


Resolutions usually just turn into dreams because people aren’t held accountable. They just claim they’re going to do this and that, but have no actions going towards it. All goals should just start off slow instead of setting high standards for yourself. 


Maybe in the future people will stop worrying about their bodies, reputation, and lifestyle so much and focus on their morals. Maybe then they’ll actually follow through with a New Year’s resolution. Time is ticking, so if something needs to change then don’t wait on the clock.