Ever-Captivating Captain Bill’s


I think we can all agree that Subway starts to get a little boring after a while, as for most of us it’s our go-to sub shop. I’ve never been much of a fan of Jimmy John’s; Firehouse is alright. I’d recommend Blimpies but that’s over in Scottsdale for those of you who know what I’m talking about. Yet let’s say that you’re just hungry enough to leave the house for food, and you really want a sub, but just apathetic to the point in which you need to avoid a chain-series of sub spots; what’s the solution to this peculiar predicament? The answer is simple, phone up Captain Bill’s Submarine. Captain Bill’s is located down in Phoenix, at 10645 N. 35th Ave, and has held a strong place in the hearts of starving passerbys since 1981. Since the restaurant was established, it’s been serving quality subs at cheap prices; the interior maintains a unique, vintage look that doesn’t seem to have changed much since it was built. Polaroids blanket the walls, placed alongside long-defunct phone numbers which were carved into wooden panelling before any of us were even conceived. It’s a familial atmosphere that’s desperately needed in today’s climate of eateries (similar qualities are found in the likes of Moe’s/Lenny’s Burgers in downtown Glendale, etc.) Captain Bill’s distinctive scenery is paired alongside good food and a friendly troupe of employees, thus there’s no real reason not to go check the place out. I’m a pretty big guy who personally enjoys the 17’’ tuna sub, but there are good choices for anyone (including vegetarian options, if that’s your thing.) As their own website, charming and amateurish in it’s presentation, states itself: “Whether you’re grabbing lunch with friends or coworkers, going on a fun date, or craving a late night snack, CB’s is the place to be.” So don’t feel guilty about buying that huge, overloaded sandwich, as you’re only working to further a good cause and a legacy that we should hope never dies out in our changing world.