Monkey Business

A Commentary on the Recent Bathroom Conflicts


Animals, or high schoolers? The actions taking place at Mountain Ridge makes it very difficult to tell. Everyone has their moments when they don’t make it to the bathroom in time, which leads to an unfortunate and uncomfortable event, but what has been taking place in the school restrooms is no accident. On Thursday, January 14th, Ridge changed their bathroom policy to try and manage these actions.


Ridge has installed some more constricting bathroom rules in order to make it a better place. Students were in the restrooms for over ten minutes in some instances. There are many reasons for why this needed to be done. But the real question is why are students taking so long in the bathroom, and what could they possibly be doing? They don’t understand how disrespectful their actions are. Now there is a greater consequence; limiting bathroom trips, and making the sign out that much harder.


A typical find in the high school restrooms is vaping. Students that are vaping in the bathroom are asking for a suspension. I know a couple of individuals who have even been suspended for the act. School is one of the worst possible places to vape. Yes, the school isn’t in control of what students put into their bodies at home, but when at school, they have a say in how students are disciplined for their decisions. It’s simple; no vaping. Instead, the bathrooms for both girls and boys have become a sanctuary to hide from the public eye. So don’t plan on texting the boys or your home girls to meet up in the bathroom for some “fun.” Just respect the rules. If you don’t, it makes school more difficult than it needs to be for everyone.


I don’t know whose genius idea it was to create an art studio in the bathroom, and I hate to break it to these students, but they aren’t Bob Ross. It’s funny how teachers now have to tell their students to not play with their poop. That’s so funny, the last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur!  It’s even funnier how students think it’s hilarious to be poop bandits. I mean seriously, what are we five?


Aside from all of the disgusting actions in the bathroom, the vandalism is ridiculous and has gotten out of hand. Students are ripping apart the walls, and breaking things in the bathroom. It shows such little respect for their school. Therefore, the rules in place will show them that what they are doing was very wrong.


The immature decisions made by students have cost the other innocent students this trouble. Now, they have to suffer the consequences for the foolish students’ actions. Now instead of teachers being very relaxed when students ask to use the restroom, they have to worry about someone having diarrhea on the walls and finger painting with it.


As if the nasty behavior isn’t bad enough, my prayers go to the poor person who has to clean that crap up! I think I would throw up and cry if I even saw, or witnessed a student committing unnatural human behavior. How did they do this? How did they return back to class after doing so?


I can’t imagine someone thinking: “I am going to put my own poop in my hand, and rub it all over the place. The results would be fabulous!” There is no reason at all why someone would do that. The school janitors are not there to scrape poop off of the walls. Well, at least someone left them a delicious hamburger in the urinal.


The point is, whether students are vaping, using human body functions incorrectly, or vandalizing, there are new rules in place. Anyone who argues that these rules are no good can be the ones to make the poopie walls squeaky clean again. That’ll teach them!