Seniors and Their Last Semester Feelings


The semester before the end of the year and juniors, sophomores, and freshmen can’t wait for summer to hit. But seniors are holding on to the last few months of high school before they are officially done with high school and can begin the next chapter of their lives, whether that is college, the Military, the workforce or some other calling.


For most it is filled with mixed emotions of getting to start their adult life. But it also comes with the problem of missing all the people in high school and leaving a place that has been a huge part of their life for the last four years.


Everyone may say that they can’t wait until they are out of high school, but when it comes down to the last few months, for most things start taking a turn. After speaking to a few seniors, it is clear that many have bittersweet feelings about moving on in life.


One student, Amber Flower, who is really going to miss many memories and experiences about high school, is still very excited to start her new journey in college with brand new people preparing to do what she loves. She wants to go to ASU and get her business management degree.


“It feels good to move on although I will miss a lot of people”


While leaving so many memories behind, all these seniors are getting ready to embark on a journey of becoming and adult. While it may be hard leaving so many people behind, their new journeys are just beginning.


Another senior, Caitlin Langford, remembers that she was so excited as a freshman to leave high school forever but now realizes there is more than just leaving to think about.


“There is so much more out there, but I will miss the friends I have made and all the great teachers I’ve made connections with,” said Caitlin Langford.


The teachers that will be missed, the assemblies for spirit week, and the new friends made through the years are not appreciated until the second semester of senior year when it is coming to an end. There are so many things to look forward to, though, after high school with college graduations, success in jobs, and starting new journeys.


Caitlin Langford and Amber Flower both agree that their views have changed so much from freshman to senior year, and you start realizing the importance of making the most of your high school experience. It’s time to prepare for life now, but also enjoying so many memories with teachers and fellow classmates before they are high school graduates.


One common piece of advice from seniors to all the high schoolers is that now is the time to make the most of your four years at Mountain Ridge.