Gifts of the Senses


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, special someone’s all across the world scramble to pull together gifts that will please their counterpart. “Will they like the gift?” is a question wrestled with and hard to gauge from person to person. News flash, you don’t need to be Cupid to make your valentine feel the love of the season. Here are the best gift ideas that correspond to all the senses, as this is a way to keep the holiday creative and plausible all across the board.


Taste: A holiday favorite and go-to is a box of chocolates. The only hard part is finding the right one. When picking that special one, a variety is ideal as it keeps the gift fun and interesting. With the choices, you don’t need to take a wild guess on one flavor but can rather settle on a mix and most likely strike the winner within the box. At almost any supermarket, the heart shaped boxes lining the shelves are a great touch to any gift. The box can be as cute as desired with a size variety. With a larger box comes more blends, amount, and enjoyed bites from the receiver so match the candy heart to the size of your own. Another direction you could take with taste could be any box of candy that is liked. The idea of the treat is what is going to get your valentine’s heart to smile, which one you go with is simply up to you. I can promise you no matter the pick, the gift’s owner will be munching on the sweets and daydreaming about you.


Smell: Another classic gift that would make Cupid proud is a bouquet of flowers. The friendly smell of the flowers is surely sweet and appeasing. Flowers such as roses or colorful tulips are great choices to gift. Another present that could please the nose is a candle. From fresh, flowery, to sweet there are hundreds of types of candles. The gift is surely to be put to use at home and prolonged so your valentine will associate you with the lovely smell. As that candle burns, so will their affection for you. A third smell gift that can be factored in could be perfume or cologne. The scents are endless and the present can be used for months at a time. The smell will leave a mark on their daily routine and keep you as their valentine all throughout the year.


Sight: An easy way to show love is to immortalize memories for your special someone. To produce this sentimental reality, pictures are an easy step. Polaroids, collages, photographs, or simply printing any form of picture, makes the valentine feel valued and remembered to the point they’ll see the gift as long as they desire. The picture is a meaningful gesture that the other person gets to benefit from. After all, the picture speaks a thousand words and all of those get to ring in the ear of a certain someone, come the day of love.


Sound: Hearing love constantly keeps it in the back of their mind and means the world to their heart. To accomplish this, give compliments which will echo in their ears for the day and keep a smile on their face. When they hear the words coming from someone they appreciate it means all the much more. Compliments come in all ways and forms, unique from one person to the next. Freely expend phrases such as “You look so nice today!”, “I love your hair!”, “You are so kind!” and so on. Under any condition can these words be displayed, not only limited to valentine’s day. Any way to boost the confidence of your valentine is a huge success this loving season.


Touch: A soft teddy bear is an easy comfort that is able to replace you when you’re not around. The cute teddy is such a simple gift that any person would gawk over. The seemingly grand gesture the bear represents is going to make the valentine have all eyes on you. All sizes of bears are adorable and will give you huge brownie points. It may only be a stuffed bear but the cuddly persona of it is what anyone really wants, no matter how much they may deny it.


Giving your person a gift on the 14th is a huge way to show that you have eyes on them, heart eyes for that matter. The gift just makes sense and is ideal for one struggling to find a gift that meets the expectations of the person you think so highly of. Want a well rounded gift that a person gets to experience from all the senses? Well use this list and win that valentine.