Five Fun Ways to Spend Leap Day


The Olympics happen every four years. The World Cup happens every four years as well, and we celebrate both of these events. You know what else happens every four years, too? February 29! February 19, 2020 will be a Saturday this year, and we need to appreciate it just like we do other quadrennial celebrations! So, here’s a list of 5 ways to spend your February 29.


1. Throw a Leap Year Party

Undoubtedly the most fun thing on here, February 29 landing on a Saturday is the perfect excuse to throw a party. February 29 only happens every 4 years, and we need to appreciate it! You could come up with fun activities for you and your friends to do, make it really leap year themed with the date everywhere, or simply throw a fun normal party and just call it a Leap Year Party. Whatever you do is up to you!


2. Phoenix Vegan Food Festival

If you’re vegan or interested in veganism, this is the thing to do. Open from 12 PM – 10 PM, the festival has over 100 different vendors all at Margaret T. Hance Park. There are vegan restaurants, food trucks, artisans, and other vendors to spend the day eating from and learning from. However, it’s not free, as general admission will cost you $30 to buy your tickets now and $35 at the door. But, it’s a great opportunity for anybody looking to become vegan, especially on a day like February 29!


3. ASU Open Door @ Polytechnic

If veganism or throwing a party isn’t really your thing, this ASU event may be. From 1 PM – 5 PM, ASU will give people access to some of their facilities like labs, simulators, games, and theater performances. This is a behind the scenes look into ASU’s learning environments at their Polytechnic campus. It is free to register, and if you register before February 26, you are placed in a draw to win a free gift bag, which includes a t-shirt and other prizes!


4. AZ Folk Music Festival

Another free, fun thing to go to is the Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival! It will be from 10 AM – 5 PM at Sahuaro Ranch Park, on February 29, of course, and onto March 1. The festival will have performances from over 400 folk and bluegrass musical acts, live cowboy poetry, and storytelling. But, you can get involved, too. There will be workshop areas for attendees to learn how to play spoons, ukulele, harmonicas, and more! Although it’s different from the formal learning environment of ASU, it’s still a fun and engaging place to learn something new.


5. Time Capsule

Finally, you could make your future self a time capsule. Definitely the most sentimental of the five activities, it gives you a moment to self-reflect and think about what’s important to you, and how that may change by the next February 29, in 2024. Or, you could write yourself a letter, so it encompasses your thoughts more accurately. In 4 years, you’ll be able to remember exactly what you were thinking and feeling in the past, or right now. 


These were just a few ways to spend this leap year. Of course, you can celebrate it however you like, even if that’s treating it like just another Saturday. It wouldn’t hurt to have some fun and celebrate the day, though!