What Is Love


Love is one of the strongest emotions someone can feel. It may come out of nowhere, or develop over time. With Valentine’s season around,  it’s time to appreciate our loved ones. But what does it mean to love someone?


To love means that you are always going to be there for someone. You will give them your endless support and always be by their side. This also means that you won’t judge them for their wrongs, and will always accept them. 


Love isn’t materialistic. Although it may feel nice to be given a gift by a loved one, or give a gift to a loved one, at the end of the day those presents will fade. So what becomes important in a relationship? The special bond two people share. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to understand what this means. Whether it is your friends or family, the connection between people is what will last forever. 


When there is a connection between you and someone else, you know that you would never want to do anything to hurt them. You may often find yourself putting their needs above your own, and feeling like your best self when you are around them. It’s the feeling you get when your best friend walks into a room and you feel the light they put into the world. 


“Love is something that you should feel for a person that makes you happy or for someone who you would be afraid of hurting or letting down,” said Alexa McClain, freshman at Mountain Ridge.


Showing that you adore someone can be difficult for many, but for others it comes naturally. Many sacrifice things they enjoy for others because they care for them so much. It is patient and understanding. There will be days when the people you love most let you down and you the same to them. However, when you truly adore someone, you are willing to forgive. 


Whether you choose to love someone or not, it’s your choice. You must choose if that person is worth your time and you are willing to sacrifice anything for them. To sacrifice your needs for theirs it may require you to miss out on something you really want, but if you are there for someone, that shows real love. 


These strong feelings of affection seem to never go away for family or a close friend. If a family member disappoints you, you never judge them because when you fail they continue to support you. The endless support in relationships creates a chain that won’t fall apart. 


You will know that you love someone when you are around that person and they brighten your day. They will be there for you, and support every decision you make, or help you through the tough ones. Love is one of the greatest feelings and emotions there is. At the end of the day, with the people that mean most to you, there is always hope. They make life more fulfilling and meaningful.