Loving the Little


Last weekend my family and I got to step out of society by going up north to drive through Bearizona and explore. Not only was it a fantastic way to step out of the chaos of today’s circumstances, but it opened my eyes to something very important. Driving through an empty forest with the windows down, feeling the rain and smelling the pine is enough to drag anyone out of reality. Driving past a bear sunbathing on a rock, or swimming in a cool pond is enough to make you realize the importance of simple things. That is what I had come to know at the end of my soothing weekend. Sometimes, the most important things about life are the little things. 


It can be so easy to get caught up in the noise of life. So I made a list of things that I want to remember to appreciate when I feel overwhelmed. These are things that bring me back and keep me centered. I highly recommend you do something similar, it is actually quite soothing. Who knows? Perhaps you might be able to relate to some of these things. 


  1. The smell of rain in the desert. 
  2. The feeling of a dog’s head on your lap.
  3. Getting lost in a good book.
  4. The liberating feeling of a good song. 
  5. The soothing feelings a car ride can bring. 
  6. A long and constructive conversation with a loved one.
  7. The crunch of a dry leaf under your foot.
  8. Staying up for hours at night laughing with your sister. 
  9. Watching a full movie series.
  10. Having the time to be creative and pursue hobbies. 
  11. The silence of being completely submerged underwater. 
  12. Someone telling you that they love you or are proud of you.
  13. Saying good morning to someone on a walk around the block.
  14. A good ice cream cone.
  15. Being reminded of a happy memory.
  16. Warm and long hugs.
  17. A delicious beverage.
  18. The smell of sunscreen and salt at the beach.
  19. Going on a picnic. 
  20. Singing and dancing like nobody’s watching.
  21. Putting on clean or brand new clothes.
  22. Finding a missing sock and uniting it with its pair. 
  23. The feeling of the ocean on your feet.
  24. Finding money you forgot about.
  25. Checking everything off your to-do list. 
  26. The smell of fresh cut grass.
  27. Receiving a handwritten letter from someone.
  28. Jeans that fit perfectly and comfortably.
  29. A good breakfast complete with everything: eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit, everything!
  30. Going back to the place you grew up in.
  31. Warm showers.
  32. Seeing a wild animal.
  33. Playing board games with your friends.
  34. Having a conversation with a family member you hadn’t seen in a while.
  35. Waking up and stretching in the morning. 
  36. Getting an early start to your day.
  37. Alone time.
  38. Eating healthy foods and drinking water.
  39. Writing in a journal or diary.
  40. Making others smile.


I hope these things helped you to relax, or even think of things that are simple, yet leave a huge impact on your day. My final word to you is, remember to see the things that are right in front of you. Take a break from looking at the big picture and spend time looking at things that fill you up with joy. There will always be something big for you to look at, but small things like these only last for a short period of time. When you feel worried or overwhelmed, take time to relax. Roll down your windows and smell the rain, write someone a letter, pursue a hobby, get yourself some good breakfast, smile more; there is only so much time left. Sometimes loving the little can leave a big impact on your life.  


Thank you for reading my work, Ridge! It’s been a great 3 years of writing! Peace out! 🙂