COVID After Six Months


Corona Virus has been up in the air for the last six months and much has changed people’s opinion and views these last few months. At the beginning nobody thought it would get as bad as it did and it started setting in that this would be going for a while after the lockdown orders were placed, masks were required, and only leaving your house for necessary reasons.


Looking back into March not knowing that this virus was going to keep my Junior year from ending and Senior year starting, it has been a crazy few months with a lot of emotional rollercoasters while stuck in quarantine. Going into our sixth month of COVID much has changed on how everyone is feeling. Of course we are getting super annoyed and tired of having to stay inside and not be able to do much but coronavirus is still going around and it’s not safe to be out around large groups of people. Especially that for a couple months Arizona cases were rising rapidly. 


Looking back on the view of coronavirus in March and April many people didn’t want to take it seriously and everyone was comparing it to the flu but reality didn’t start setting in until the deaths and how many people were falling to the coronavirus in just a short amount of time. 


Thinking about never getting the end of the school year with friends or teachers was really sad and having to finish online was like nothing any of us have ever done before. Being used to public school and then having to switch to online school was a very strange change and something that was hard to get used to. Doing school at home and being stuck at home is really hard when it comes to getting bored and not having social interaction you would get at school and being able to leave the house.


Being stuck inside has never been an ideal situation and thinking about how the coronavirus will become a part of history is completely strange. Nobody in the future will think that staying inside was a bad thing but not being able to leave is a very hard idea to deal with. But when it is consistent for the last few months, everyday seems to be the exact same and it starts getting repetitive. Seeing everyone around you wearing masks everywhere you go, having to stay six feet apart


In the end,  COVID is a very strange thing to happen and 2020 has been a completely weird year that many of us have never experienced before. But taking every day by day to see what is to come in the next couple of months.