Not Having Social Interaction


Social interaction, something we all grew up having in school. In school people do group projects, presentations, and have seating partners. Now with the new way of being in school we have to stay away from everyone, try not to talk to many people, or gather in big groups. Not being able to talk to friends in the halls or even see your classmates faces in class are going to be a struggle. Everyone’s idea of normal school would never be wearing masks, staying six feet apart, or having block scheduling. 


The new normal is going to be weird for all the freshmen coming in who have never experienced what normal high school actually looks like. Even for the seniors who will be the only ones on campus for a couple days. The whole situation has become a real challenge. Now for school we have to wear masks and have to stay away from our friends. It is not going to be easy to follow all the rules but they are all set in place to try and keep us as safe as possible. 


Everything is new and nobody knows what to expect since this has never happened before. Social interaction is something that makes everyone happy since seeing their friends is very fun. Now that we can’t even do that makes it even harder to be excited to go back to school or do anything for that matter. When we were online we didn’t get to see anyone in person and we weren’t even supposed to go out because of the virus being so toxic. 


Looking back at last year everyone would hang out with friends, hug people, get close to people and we were never told that we needed to back up or to head straight class. Now we have arrows on the floor that are the way we are supposed to follow and new seating charts that are far apart. 


The social aspects of life are what makes us all feel normal because that is what we are used to. Now everyone is scared that if they get to close or talk to someone they will risk getting COVID. Which is very true, having a conversation with someone can spread COVID around easily and that is why it is suggested not to. Stay at home has caused a lot of hard times because of there being nothing to do and having everything closed. Nobody was allowed to go to school, the movies, or even go out to eat. For six months we have had completely different outlook on life.


In the end of it all everyone is just trying to stay safe during this whole pandemic that is changing the world. If social interaction can lead to people’s death or catching COVID then it is best to stay away for mean time until there is a vaccine and while it may suck that we have to stay away from people it is how life is right now.