Bougie Business

“Poking Fun At Some Of Our Ridge Students Who Have Been Heavily Endowed by Their Parent’s Wallet.”


In our country there’s always been some incarnation of the Lower Class, Middle Class and Upper Class and it’s unlikely that we’ll see a change in that within our lifetime, 


I think it’s safe to say that in regards to the financial demographics of the students at Ridge, the majority of us are in the Middle Class. We go to a nicer school in a relatively nice suburban environment, with most of us being well clothed and fed, having cell phones and just in general are able to rely on some support measure. 


Usually the big gap is between the Upper Class and the Middle/Lower Classes, as there’s generally more of a divide between the Upper and Middle/Lower Classes than the Middle Class and the Lower Class by themselves. 


There’s obviously nothing wrong with being in whatever financial situation you’re in, as it’s almost entirely out of your control before you’re 18; I put together a little list though, of some of the things that those in the Upper-Middle, Upper Class do that make those of us with less access to our parent’s fortunes giggle and sigh. 


(Disclaimer: This is only for stupid fun and isn’t directed at anyone; I’m only going to be joking about Ridge-Kids who flaunt their perceived richness, that of which was only obtainable through their parents money, as I know there are students who have worked really hard to procure some nice stuff. This is being written by someone who has grown up in the Lower Class, Middle Class as well the Upper Class.) 


1.) Complaining About Their Parents Not Doing/Buying Something For Them: 

– Sure, most of us complain about our parents every once and awhile, but this is taking it to the extreme. I hate it when my parents make me watch my younger siblings or try to convince me not to eat every single pumpkin-flavoured cookie in the container, but these people play their game on an entirely different level. It’s always “God, I hate my parents; why can’t they buy me the new iPhone, I have all C’s now and it’s only two thousand dollar?!” and “Why can’t they just let me throw the Halloween party, it’s just the Varsity Football and Women’s Volleyball teams coming over, nothing much?!” and all that bunk. There’s not much more to say on that, as we can all relate to the unanimous act of raising our eyebrows at the ridiculous nature of the constant complaining we must all suffer from. 


2.) Cruising Around In Lowriders and Sports Cars With the Windows Down and the System Up:

– I’m getting at both the cars themselves and the behavior that comes with the bouncing beasts being driven around by those around us with stuffed pockets. Now, I got a 2015 Silver Honda Accord for Christmas of last year as my first car, which is a nice catch since most people don’t get a car at all from their parents. These people though, they’re being bought the biggest and baddest vehicles on the market. They’re always new cars and they’re always bright and vibrant with custom license plates that say “L1L D3VL” and chrome-rimmed wheels spinning on the side. Their mufflers are never on so they’re always loud and going turbo down 67th at 34,000mph blasting the most vile Rap music they can as though they’re acting just to spite you. I appreciate a cool car just as much as the next guy, but it’s always obnoxious with these people. 


3.) Their Style / How They Speak and Their Ungodly Mannerisms

– I still don’t know what a ‘hypebeast’ is but I’m pretty sure that it’s someone who goes out of their way to buy all of the ugly 4,000 Kanye West sponsored shoes and Thrasher shirts, which I think would have been considered a ‘poser’ move back in the 90’s. There’s so many hypebeasts, but even those that don’t fall down that route still try to show all they’ve (or their parents) got with flashy clothing and jewelry and accessories etc. that just end up being pretty tasteless and laughable. I’m not a fashion guru, I keep things really simple in my own wardrobe, but I think a lot of them end up looking pretty tacky, and I know a lot of people who would agree with me. They also like to talk like “they’re all from Compton” according to my friend Elias Garcia who works on the school announcements, creating an uneasy environment where they’re trying to talk like they’re some stiff-lipped California gangster but they all just come off as a bit ‘squishy’. 


Maybe that came off as more of a rant than anything, but when you decipher my ramblings I think a lot of the points I made are things we can all, perhaps silently, agree with. 


As always, people should also be able to live and enjoy their own lives as long as they don’t encroach on the lives of others; sometimes it’s fun to poke a little fun at people though. 


Who knows, maybe these kids will flip the script on their usual comings and goings and we’ll see some new trends.