Senior Year


Senior year is here and looking back at all the adventures and activities that have happened throughout my years of high school, it has been a crazy three years so far. I remember back in freshman year thinking about spending four years here and how it is going to take forever. But I was wrong, I am now seventeen years old and a senior in high school and can’t believe how fast it went by. 


Back in my phone I have pictures from freshman and sophomore year where I look so different compared to now. It’s hard to think of how things can change so much from just a few short years. But what seems like the flash of light went by, and now I am a senior getting ready to leave high school and go into college and the real world.


Everybody always says high school goes by fast, but we never believed since middle school felt like the longest two years of our lives. I especially never thought it was true, but it feels like I was just a freshman a couple days ago. Now seeing all the new kids come in and all the upperclassmen leave from when I was a freshman is so strange. For the last few years there have always been grades above me and below me. But now being the “top dogs” in school but feeling like you are still the little freshman who walked in the first day and was scared they wouldn’t be able to find their classes. 


There have been many people that I would never have met if it wasn’t for high school, some that I am still friends with and others that probably should have never become a friendship in the first place. But in the end all the different people I met throughout the years have impacted my life in one way or another that will make for great memories and stories in the future. Everything that happens in high school leads to some type of story like finding out what I wanted to do in the future and all the fun aspects of it are what makes it go by so fast. In middle school you don’t really get the fun spirit weeks, homecoming, or prom. All of these things are what create memories with friends. 


One of the main things that has happened because of school is my interests in all things journalism. I found out that journalism may be a field that I was to pursue in college, since I was put in this class freshman year but have stuck with it through all the years of high school and finally I have realized it is an interest of mine. 


All of these different things that go on in high school are what makes it fly by so fast and soon you will be graduating high school and actually have to focus in school and not be a procrastinator like we all once were in our earlier years of high school. 


In the end take every opportunity and go to all the fun events so you can enjoy your years of high school that you will eventually tell stories about. It flies by and is some of the best years of your life.