How To Care For A Succulent


Your life was boring, lonesome, and without purpose. You must have felt as if there was no hope and that your life just completely succs, but you succeed it up and bought your very first succulent. This is a very important time in your life because now you are an official parent, but don’t fret your plant is rootin’ for you.  Here are a few crucial tips to insure your succulent will live a long and happy life.


  1. Give Your Newest Family Member a Name– To take proper care of your succulent, it must feel like it is officially home and safe. Talking to your plant and using its name will help it feel some type of belonging. Imagine how your plant must have felt; being surrounded by hundreds of other succulents but never being the one chosen to go home, absolutely heartbreaking. Some adorable name suggestions are; Olga, Agatha, Yolanda, Smeagol, Bert, and Joe. 


  1. Entertain Your Plant- There are a few ways to keep your succulent entertained and focused. Your plant has a very tiring job of looking beautiful and staying alive. Soil your plant and play some relaxing music to help it unwind and stay entertained. Classical music also helps plant growth. 


  1. Dowse Them in Water- Your succulents don’t need a ton of water. A good suggestion for watering your succulent is to pick one watering day in the week. Make sure your pot has drainage holes and then soak your plant in water until it starts coming out of those holes. Dump out the saucer underneath that’s  filled with water and repeat when your succulent is dry again. 


  1. Take Your Succulent out Sometimes- It might be pretty lonesome for your succulent if you’re always gone. Take your succulent out to the park for a lively adventure. Imagine this; you and your plant are out for a nice day at the park with the warm sunshine illuminating both of your happiness. Push them on the swing, slide down the slide with them, and to finish off the day go get ice cream. I assure you that your plant will thrive. 


Now with this new found information enjoy your new life with the best friend you never thought you needed. If you’re sad, cry to your succulent. If you’re angry, vent to your succulent. If you’re tired, sleep with your succulent. Just enjoy each other’s company. Keep standing tall and straight!