How To Get Through A Day With Seven Siblings

How To Get Through A Day With Seven Siblings

As a high schooler with siblings that range from ages newborn to twenty, I understand that getting things done on time can be hard. There are always constant distractors whether it’s mom asking you to babysit for a couple hours or everyone is just being straight obnoxious. Maybe you don’t have exactly seven, well you and I both know that siblings are siblings.  Either way, here are some tips to find some time for yourself and to get your things done.


  1. KNOW YOUR SIBLINGS’ FAVORITE MOVIE: More often than not, people with big families know that certain TV show or Movie that all of the kids like. Put it on. It should distract them for at least 2 hours so that you can run to your bedroom and get a good study time in. 


  1. KNOW HOW TO BLACK MAIL: With a huge family, it is most important to hold tabs on each of your siblings. It becomes very helpful in a case in which you were asked to watch the screaming baby but you have other important things to do. It’s simple. For example, I know that my sister has an F, but my parents don’t and she doesn’t want them to find out, so I whisper to her when my parents aren’t listening, “Hey, if you watch the baby while I do my homework then I won’t tell them about your grades.” It’s perfect because they are also grateful that you won’t tell, you might even get a “Thank you” in return!


  1. HAVE A GOOD HIDING SPOT: Most of the time, you can’t get your homework done purely on the fact that your siblings just won’t stop bothering you. They barge in your room and tell you something and then you tell them to get out but then they leave the door open and you have to get up and close it and ugh… you know how that one goes. The bedroom is a good place to go for long term homework but if you are just trying to get something done real quick then it’s not the spot because it will take way longer than attended. Go to the bathroom. It sounds a little strange but sitting on the bathroom floor with the door locked can allow you to get so much done. Nobody should bother you there. 


  1. BUILD BONDS WITH EACH INDIVIDUAL SIBLING: It is extremely important to have strong relationships with your siblings, it makes things easier when you are trying to explain something to them. They actually listen. When you have a heart to heart with them they may make what is important to you important to them instead of them just shooting you down. If one comes in to interrupt your quiet time, you can simply tell them why you need the time to yourself and they will respect that because you have given them a reason to.


With giant families, it can be difficult to maintain assignments and grades, but it isn’t impossible. Hopefully these tips can make your life a lot easier and manageable. Good luck!