5 Ravishing & Angelic Halloween Costumes


Halloween is a night to either dress up in an elegantly dazzling costume or to stay home and watch spooky movies all night long. As people get older, their innovative costume ideas seem to dwindle out into either a seductive kitty cat or a minimally scary zombie. If you want to have a fancy show stopping costume with some style, here a few adorable costumes.


  • Middle Aged Man: There’s nothing more charming than a middle-aged man sitting on the couch; orange Cheeto fingers, spaghetti stained white t-shirt that doesn’t cover his belly, crushed beer cans, and a receding hairline. This Halloween costume can reach a whole new level of sophistication for your Halloween party.


  • Foot: Becoming a 5 toed ligament is not only a creative costume but a very captivating one. These are available on Amazon. Imagine you are headed to a Halloween party and you know your crush is going to be there, if you really want to stand out just pull up as a giant foot. You will be the absolute highlight of the party. I bet he will laugh with you…or at you.


  • Roach: Everybody just loves cockroaches, so it’s the perfect costume for the spookiest night of the year. You will have everybody crawling with fear and ready to hand you candy. To complete being a roach, you must order your suit on Amazon and observe the ways of the roach.


  • Sloth (Goonies): In the Goonies, Sloth was such an alluring character and becoming him for Halloween will definitely draw the attention of everyone. To finish this costume a ragged superman shirt, red suspenders, dirtied black jeans, a mask from Amazon, and a pirate hat will do perfectly. When trick or treating make sure to incorporate his best saying, “Rocky Road? Heh Heh!”


  • Samara Morgan: To completely embody Samara Morgan, from the Ring, you have to skip washing your hair for at least a month. After your hair is all greased up and has a few lil buggies inside, brush it to the front so that it’s covering almost all of your face. Black hair works best for this costume. After your hair is complete, roll around in the dirt with a long white dress and make large black eye circles. Practice saying “7 days…” in a raspy voice and you’re all set!


After reading these creative costumes, you will never be boring and basic on Halloween for at least five years. Show up to your Halloween party confident, kiss your boo passionately as a foot, scare the living out of everybody as Samara Morgan, and finally give ‘em pumpkin to talk about. After all, ghouls just want to have fun!