Halloween Meals & Deals


This Halloween, kids everywhere can receive more than free candy: stores and restaurants are giving trick-or-treaters free foods when they come in dressed in costume! Get ready for a spooky week full of yummy treats and sweets!


Insomnia Cookies

It’s Friday night and you’re having midnight cravings. You can’t wait for your candy on Halloween, you need something now. Don’t worry: From Thursday, October 29th, through Friday till 3am, free cookies are being offered to those who dress up in costume! No purchase necessary. 


Just Salad

Halloween is notorious for candy overloads and spikes in blood sugar. In case you fear a sugar coma, dress as a salad on Thursday, the 29th and receive a free salad at all locations. 



BOORITO! Did that scare you? What’s not scary is the great deals Chipotle is offering this spooky season. On Halloween, from 3pm to closing time, dress in costume and get a burrito, a bowl, salad, or tacos for $4. 


Krispy Kreme

Tik Tok is spreading rumors that trick-or-treaters can receive a whole dozen when you dress in costume. While exciting, most sources are claiming you will most likely get only one. It’s still worth a shot: Get a free donut of your choice when you disguise yourself on Saturday, October 31st!



Having cravings for some salty fries or a savory burger to get you ready for Halloween weekend? Stuck at home without a car? Don’t get scared: get free delivery by the UberEats app through Friday! 


Get into the spirit of Halloween this year because these seasonal deals will be gone soon! So make sure you dress up in costume and have a big appetite.