Through the Years


From being a kid to almost adults, there have been many changes in society, school, and our everyday lives. We used to all only care about Barbie dolls and what we were going to have for breakfast but now there is more responsibility in our lives with jobs, graduation, and making it through high school with as little drama as possible. 


As we grow up we go through phases of responsibilities. We start with being in charge of getting our homework done, make responsible choices, and start to get jobs to pay for things. Back in the early years of our lives we didn’t have to worry about school but rather if our parents would make us eat our vegetables. 


Looking back at pictures, videos, and memories from my childhood I was always jumping, dancing, and singing around, and yes I still do all that but I also have a bunch of things going on that I never thought about when I was five. All the responsibilities rush through my head of what homework I need to get done or needing to find a job, and let’s not even talk about college. 


Everyone says they wish they could go back to their earlier years when they didn’t have a care in the world. We always got to play, not care about what our bodies look like, and enjoy all the fun parts of life. Of course none of us knew about bills, jobs, and what it’s like to be a parent. With this happening back in the first six years of our lives it all changed when we finally were in elementary school.


As we started growing up and were in elementary school, the first parts of responsibility started popping up. Homework was here and I’m not talking about the fun preschool and kindergarten coloring pages but the math, reading, and science. Time to put in the hard work. While homework still wasn’t that hard, to all us little kids it seemed like the hardest work ever. But nothing would have had us ready for middle school. A bigger campus, multiple teachers, and even more responsibilities. 


I’m not saying growing up isn’t fun, we get to start driving, making our own money, and getting to make our own decisions. But who wouldn’t rather be sitting at home, watching cartoons, and eating mac and cheese.


Even Though we all miss the early years of life there is more fun to come. At 16 we get to drive, 21 we can go out, and as we get older we will have kids that will grow up and do the same thing that we have all done in our lives.