Top Shelf


The Top Shelf Restaurant on Deer Valley and 83rd

Alexa McClain, Journalist

Top shelf is most definitely at the top of the list for high quality Mexican restaurants.


There are many restaurants here in Arizona with Mexican food given that we live on the border of Mexico, but Top Shelf offers something more… authenticity. Their food is true to its origin and pulls in customers left and right. Holding friendly services as well, Top Shelf is top notch.


Scene​: When walking into Top Shelf, you know where you are. You are welcomed with Latino heritage all around. One half of their building is decorated with sombreros, neatly designed guitars from mariachi bands, and all sorts of Mexican patterned tiles while the other half is a sports bar filled with TV’s. Top Shelf can be good for great parties of families or even just you and your date.


Heck, you could even go alone! The details incorporated in Top Shelf’s design are articulately well done. Their Tables include gorgeous patterns and their counters are hand crafted with small ancient red tiles. Top Shelf has fun scenery for children as well as adults.


Food​: Nothing is better than knowing that you will be eating some of the most real and typical Mexican foods. Top Shelf’s Specialties are their famous fajitas with the choosing of juicy Beef, Chicken, or Shrimp as well as Chimichangas and your favorite fillings. With the well proportioned meals, these specialties range anywhere from $10 to $15. Beans, Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas, that’s not all they have here.


Top Shelf holds an American and Lite and Healthy menu. Including varieties of different genres allows Top Shelf to be a good spot for everyone in the family. For American foods they have a Burger with a side of classic fries or beans ($8) as well as thick Chicken strips ($11). For costumers trying to eat as healthy as possible, they open up their Lite and Healthy menu with low carb meals like their Low Carb Grilled Chicken breast with side choices of fruit, veggies, and or beans ($12). They also maintain Lite dishes of Chicken Fajitas, Fish Tacos, Santa Fe Fajita Salad which is lite chicken served on a bed of lettuce with condiments of your choice, and more!


Top Shelf’s single more cheaper items are Single tacos, beef or fish, ($4), warm Taquitos topped off with guacamole and sour cream ($5), cheese, seafood, beef, chicken, or Spinach Enchiladas ($5), or Tamales in a warm Husk ($4). Surrounding these choices may also be an added side or topping.


Don’t worry! Children have options too! Kids 10 and under may order a Taco, Tostada, or Bean Burrito for $5.25. They may also get a small folded cheese crisp or a child’s burger for the same price. Top Shelf offers their more pricey kids meals for $5.75 or $6.75 at a Cheese Enchilada or Chicken Strips served with the choice of beans, rice, or fries.


Desserts​: Aren’t deep fried desserts the best! Top Shelf carries Apple Chimi, apple filling the inside of a fried tortilla topped with ice cream ($7.25), Cheesecake Chimi ($6.50), Deep Fried Ice Cream ($5.25), Sopapillas, which is a crisp pastry served with drizzled honey and powdered sugar ($4.95), a Flan Custard ($4.95), and just regular vanilla ice cream ($4.50).


Drinks​: Top Shelf offers 12 different Margarita types including their famous “El Original Top Shelf” Margarita, the traditional silver, Grand Marnier Liqueur and their house lime blend. It is served on rocks with salt. Top Shelf has a range of spicy, sour, sweet, and fruity Margaritas. For variety, Top Shelf is the way to go.


Lowdown​: If you are looking for a restaurant to trust and to always deliver the best, Top Shelf is your place. For a fun night out or even just for family, Top Shelf is the way to go. Hope to see you there!


Hours:​ 11 AM-10 PM

Where: ​21910 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85383

Phone:​ 623-561-0050

Website: ​

Cuisine: ​Mexican

Kid friendly? ​Yes

Stars: ​4.1 stars

Price: ​No more than $20 per person if they get added items to a meal