Should Kids Participate in Sports


Sports are something many kids participate in during their young ages. Learning to love a certain sport and dedicating a bunch of time to make yourself as great as you possibly can is the toughest part of being on a team. Starting at such a young age and then growing up in that sport can take many tolls on kids. Does it lead to long-term effects or is it a good way to get exercise almost every day?


Playing a physical sport like volleyball or football can lead to putting your body at risk. Players dive all over the court to save a ball or slam their bodies out on the field. Different injuries can occur in sports, but you could also have long term effects. Hip problems, knee injuries, back pain, all things that can happen down the line when you get older. These are some of the reasons parents keep their kids out of sports because of the risk of being injured long term. But is it really worth keeping kids from making new friends, getting out of the house, and doing something they love?


Many people say you shouldn’t live in fear because how will you experience things; if you get scared that sports are dangerous, then how will you get to experience the fun parts of being on a team like getting to make great saves, scoring the winning basket, learning how to be part of a team and doing something you may actually enjoy in your free time. All things that make sports so fun for many kids around the world and what lead to winning championships and everyone cheering as loud as they can. 


It’s completely fine that some parents don’t want their kids in sports or kids just don’t want to do it. Some parents are too worried about the long term effect and that is completely their choice. But what good does it do for kids to sit at home on their phones all day? Parents always try to get us to go outside and do some fun activities, and sports are the best way. Sports like soccer, football, baseball; all take place outside with running and keeping kids off their phones. Yes, they like to take tik-toks especially on my sister’s volleyball team, but they build a bond with the players and coaches on the team. 


Off of the physical benefits of it, the moral aspects of it can really make your kid grow as a person. Learning to respect coaches and be very supportive of teammates is something that sports can do for your kid. It is always very important that your kids grow up with good morals instead of disrespectful outbursts to people. Kids really learn to take what their coaches say and apply it to the game or getting so excited when your team makes a good play. 


Kids also learn the importance of working hard and overcoming adversity. Training, practicing, getting up early on Saturdays – all for the love of the game. The determination it takes to excel in sports requires the same skills to excel at life. Winning is great, but athletes learn even more from failure. Only one team wins (after you move past 4 year-old divisions), mistakes happen, and kids strike out with the bases loaded. It is in these moments that kids learn to accept that not everything is always going to be perfect but it’s how they respond and grow that makes them stronger.


In the end sports are very beneficial to kids and are very beneficial to so many aspects. If you are even contemplating playing a sport, I say go for it. You never know what you are missing out on, and you might be like me who started as a cheerleader for one day and then completely decided to switch to volleyball. Volleyball has been in my life for the last eleven years and it was the best decision ever. So go try a sport or put your kids in sport; you won’t regret it in the future.