How Young is too Young to have a Phone


Kelsey’s Little Sister Sporting A Phone

Kelsey Nahodil, Co-Editor in Chief

Kids walking down the streets, taking selfies and not looking up from their phones almost getting hit by cars. Back when all of us were kids, we were getting phones in middle school, but if we were lucky then sixth grade. Now kids are over here getting phones in first and second grade. It wouldn’t shock me if some kindergartner is over here calling and texting people. 


It’s the worst seeing a three year old be able to navigate a phone and the most we could do at three is to pick what game we wanted to play. If I ever see a new born baby carrying a phone then I am going to lose it. 


But on a serious note, it can really lead to different types of cyberbullying and kids learning new things that can take a mental toll on many kids. Is it too young for kids to have a phone when they aren’t even a teenager yet? All questions many people think about when debating giving their kids phones. 


Technology tends to take away from kids having a normal childhood. All the memories without phones in the picture. Nobody really ever sees kids out at the park or playing out in the yard without a phone in their hand. 


The older we high schoolers get, the younger kids are getting phones. It’s dropping to 2nd and 3rd graders having phones when I go to pick up my sister. From experience I have seen how people change from getting phones. Like my sister – she got a phone and I don’t ever see her anymore. She is either making tik-toks or facetiming friends.  She literally disappears for hours on end, and everyone has no idea where she is only to find out that she has been on her phone for five straight hours. 


So is giving a kid a phone in elementary school and opening them up to things that their innocent minds don’t understand or just keeping them away from being outside a good idea? It’s up to all parents on when they give their kids phones and no age is wrong, but what are the mental aspects of it when kids are glued to their phones all the time not knowing all the fun things all us early 2000s kids experienced when there were no smartphones, iPads, or fancy computers.