7 Ways to Prep for Christmas


A Beautiful Ornament

Zahrah Ralph, Journalist

The holidays are coming faster than we know. Only 2 more weeks till Christmas… crazy to think about. With the COVID- 19 pandemic, we might not be able to celebrate with a big Christmas party; however, we can turn this Christmas into the most memorable year ever. Continue reading to find out 7 ways to prepare for Christmas with holiday joy.



What better way to get in the jolly spirit than to decorate. Putting up Christmas lights outside, setting up and ornamenting the Christmas tree, and placing various decorations around the house is a pain in the rear end; The hard work, however, is all worth it for the 3 weeks of enjoyment. Driving back home to a house lit up with lights brings a feeling of joy like no other. Plus, if you decorate outside, then others can enjoy the pretty lights, and your hard work, as well.



Planning is key. Make sure to fill everything from school events, family gatherings, and anything else that might slip your mind. Plan the days you will shop for gifts, and wrap them. Plan when to send the gifts and Christmas cards, so everything will arrive on time to your loved ones. Don’t be afraid of going crazy mode when writing on your calendar, the more organized you are the better and smoother your holiday will go.


Daily items

 Changing up daily items into a Christmas theme is also a great way to get in the spirit. Simple things like changing the wallpaper of your electronic devices, wearing festive socks here and there, and even a few decorative pillows on your bed will give you a refresher to enter the holiday season. Listening to Christmas music is a great idea; however, you’ll be sure to be stuck singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” for the next month.


Gifting (with extra gifts!)

 Gift purchasing can get expensive, and you’ll need to work out a budget wisely. As the days count down till Christmas, items become less available to purchase. Check out scores on Amazon, as they often have great deals. Allow this season to fill your heart, and let go of the things you dislike. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Also take into consideration, that you may forget people to buy gifts for. A few generic gifts will save you from being left empty handed at a party or family gathering.



Food is arguably one of the most important parts of every holiday. Sweet treats are very common during Christmas time. This year, try searching up an easy Christmas recipe and prepare the meal with your family. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and don’t forget to leave a plate of them with milk for Santa Claus!


Christmas cards

Create a family Christmas card with photos and a nice holiday saying. Not only will this make it seem you are living your best life to the people you send it to, but it’s also a great treasure to look upon. Places like CVS or Walmart have templates on the website to create your own, even with good discounts.


Christmas activities

Nothing gets you in the spirit like holiday events. Chop down your perfect Christmas tree.  Donate to Toys for Tots. Many stores also have Christmas angel trees where you can choose gifts to buy for children in need. Watch a Christmas movie with your family or go shopping, social distancing, of course, to get last-minute gifts. Make and decorate custom ornaments. Decorate a gingerbread house – the options are endless.


As we are counting down the days to that special holiday, remember Christmas is all about giving, and spending time with loved ones. As we kick off into 2021, stay positive, start this year on a good note and have a great holiday break.