Why Starting The Semester Online is a Good Idea


ZOOM has been used by Ridge since the need to go online rose up during the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year.

Connor Graf, Journalist

So at the beginning of the next semester, everybody will be starting on zoom for the first few
weeks. Many people like the idea of it, and also many people don’t get the point of it. I believe
that this was a very good idea by the district.


There are many reasons that the district has chosen for everyone to go online for the first few
weeks of the next semester. One of the reasons is most likely, that a lot of people travel for the
holidays, and when they come back, they could bring Covid back with them. The district wants to
avoid as many positive tests as possible, and that is one of the main reasons why I think it’s a
good reason to start online.


Another reason is, if the district wants to keep up with being in person for school, a little break
from being in person for school and making sure no one has Covid isn’t a bad idea. A lot of
people struggle with school when they are on zoom and have a hard time paying attention, at
the beginning of the semester is a good time I believe to have everybody quarantined because
there are no tests or finals happening.


Overall, I believe that the district is making a very good decision on going on zoom for the first
3 weeks of the semester. It is a rather safe than sorry decision for the district because if they
really want people to stay in person, they got to play it safe so no one gets Covid.